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  1. Borodin

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    With Liverpool's win tonight over Utd they could pass Leicester for a top four finish by winning their remaining three games and Leicester dropping points against us or Chelsea. Would missing out and losing the FA Cup final be enough to convince Rodgers he'd taken the club as far as he could and be tempted by Levy to take over at Spurs ??
  2. Borodin

    Is Kane staying

    I keep seeing him in Levy's office and saying "Look, I think I have been a good servant to the club and have always repaid your faith in me by regularly scoring goals. I am naturally hungry for success which means trophies and titles. I just don't see Tottenham being in a position to challenge for such honours over the next 3-5 years. I would therefore respectfully ask that I be put on the transfer list and that you give serious consideration to all incoming offers (regardless of where from) in order that we come to a mutually agreeable decision about my future." If I were Daniel I would genuinely struggle to try to keep the lad at Spurs if I knew his heart just wasn't in staying any more.
  3. Borodin

    Is Kane staying

    I hate to say this my friend but after watching last night's game against Arsenal, if I was Abromovich or Tuchel then I would be paying whatever Daniel asked for Mr. Kane. With him in the squad they would be a match for anyone.
  4. Borodin

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Mind games or are we looking at Conte as our new manager ? https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/05/13/tottenham-linked-antonio-conte-has-just-cancelled-a-press-conference-in-italy/ He'd be an "interesting" choice. I
  5. Borodin

    Don't Laugh At Arsenal

    Sadly my friend if this happened then Arsenal would have a new owner similar to Abromovich. Daniel Ek is a fanatical gooner, and I mean fanatical. He apparently has their games showing even if they conflict with business meetings. The guy would be hell bent on making Arsenal a major force in football and be willing to back up his dreams with hard cash. Such a pity Levy's dreams are all connected to bricks and mortar instead of fans and football.
  6. Borodin

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Totally agree mate and that may just be the reason he won't be considered...Levy couldn't handle such a response from his manager.
  7. Borodin

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Only if they beat Aberdeen and go unbeaten all season. Don't want anybody with just a 99% success record.
  8. Borodin

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Very much a 'hans on' management style I've heard.
  9. Borodin

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Nah...he sold his last 12% in June 2007 mate..... In February 2001, after speculation and confirmation on 11 December 2000, Sugar sold his majority stake at Tottenham to leisure group ENIC, selling 27% of the club for £22 million. In June 2007, Sugar sold his 12% remaining shares to ENIC for £25 million, ending his 16-year association with the club.
  10. Borodin

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    Okay, so Eddie Howe to Celtic and Hansi Flick being wooed by Barcelona as Koeman's replacement. Brendan Rodgers not budging from Leicester just leaves us with Potter, Parker or Martinez as the three front runners. Personally I wouldn't want any of those but times are obviously hard and the club is not the attraction it used to be. Maybe some complete outsider we never thought of will appear but I have a sneaky suspicion Scott Parker is Spurs bound. He's Levy's choice but for all the wrong reasons. Daniel will pull his strings and Scott will toe the line. It's going to be a rough ride gentlemen.
  11. Borodin

    PSG Latest News ...

    PSG just beat Montpellier 6-5 on penalties after drawing 2-2 in the French Cup semi final. Hardly a convincing win and Poch was squirming in his seat...but they make it to the final.
  12. Borodin

    Next Spurs Manager Poll ...

    No English though...huge problem.
  13. Borodin


    I'll have a word with my wife Bren. If we can get her on the board Levy would agree with anything she demanded just to stop her going on and on about it
  14. Borodin

    Would No Europe Be A Good Thing Next Season ?

    I just think we need a clean page to start writing on and give the new manager as little room for excuses as possible. No Europe next season would mean no mid week travel, no increased injury risk to players and the opportunity to concentrate solely on domestic success. No more "The mid week travelling really took it out of some of the players and we looked tired today" during press interviews. As I said before we are not going to attract better quality players because we have qualified for this new ECL competition. Let's forget Europe for a whole season and begin this rebuild on firm foundations so that when we do return next season it's hopefully in the CL.
  15. Borodin

    Good news on transfer funds?

    I know I'm sounding like the old man of the mountains here but having the money available is one thing, spending it wisely is another. Let's hope we get a manager in who brings in the right people and gets rid of the wrong ones currently residing at the club.