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  1. Why would Everton sell Baines for 15m and why would Baines join Spurs??? Everton look better than us as it is, and even if he did want to leave he could go to United who are desperate to have him.
  2. Rojo

    Highlander's serious candidates

    That would be an interesting one, though I imagine if De Boer did leave (which I find highly unlikely) the typical Ajax approach would be to promote Bergkamp.
  3. Rojo


    Guys, the long and short is that West Ham are absolutely shit. And we lost to their reserves. So to suggest that the performance was good, or encouraging in any way is absolutely baffling. The only potential positive I can see here (and I'm clutching at straws) is that we play them at Upton Park on the 3rd of May. I've never really cared about West Ham until the last two games against them, but now I'm hoping and praying that we will be the ones who can put the final nail in their coffin.
  4. Rojo


    Defoe's been shit every time he's been given a chance this season. I can't get my head round how many times he was offside tonight. He's 31, how can he not have learned by now?
  5. Rojo


    Good job Levy, you fucking CUNT
  6. Rojo

    Europa Cup draw

    Hope we do get Benfica in the next round and absolutely smash them, cannot stand them or Porto. Of course we have to beat Dnipro first though...
  7. Rojo


    Townsend reminds me of Lennon when he first arrived on the scene. Everyone wanted him to be more controlled and change his game up more often. Is Lennon a better player now than he was in the 05/06 season? I don't think so, personally.
  8. Rojo

    Lucien Favre, our man for the job

    The players we have are a lot better than the ones Borussia have (or at least they are supposed to be) I'm sure if he did get the job he wouldn't be complaining that people like Holtby, Eriksen, Dembele, Lamela etc wouldn't be technically good enough to play his style of football...
  9. Rojo

    The Hoddle Sherwood thread MERGE 1x

    Like the Favre idea a lot, is he still at Monchengladbach? I haven't watched them since Reus left but when he was there some of the football was electrifying. If there's one way to ensure we become more boring than we already are, it is hiring Capello.
  10. Rojo

    The Hoddle Sherwood thread MERGE 1x

    Only that they've been every bit as shit as us. 5 home defeats on the spin.
  11. Rojo

    The Hoddle Sherwood thread MERGE 1x

    I did say I know it's not going to be Lennon... But I know I'd rather give him a go than that twat Pardew for example. And I'd rather have a young manager than someone like Hiddink (who I admire a lot, fantastic manager) who won't be around for more than 5 years. Although I suppose with Levy at the helm even Guardiola wouldn't last that long.
  12. Rojo

    AVB - Contract Terminated

    We beat west ham 3-0 at home last year I think. But yes it is a valid point, while teams like liverpool have been crushing opponents in their home games, we have to go through the ringer every time. But to be fair, the same applied in Arry's reign, remember how many times we would go 2-0 up before conceding the next goal and clinging on to 2-1 for dear life?
  13. Rojo

    The Hoddle Sherwood thread MERGE 1x

    I know a lot of people don't like him personally and I suggest this more as devil's advocate than anything else because I know it will never happen - Neil Lennon? Obviously he's largely unproven but he has pulled off some major results as Celtic manager in the Champions League. Of course the fact that he's winning the SPL every season means nothing, but he's got a team with considerably less talent than ours actually playing very nice football - fast build up, a lot of one touch passing with nice movement throughout the team. He also seems to have a very good eye for a player, and perhaps most importantly of all he's fostered a great team spirit and got his players all battling and pulling in the same direction, despite the fact that most of the games are walkovers. We could surely do worse.
  14. Rojo


    Why would they bother fighting and battling for the club when we have a chairman who we know will just lay the blame at the feet of the manager. AVB gets sacked, but they still get paid don't they.
  15. Rojo


    GS, I genuinely can't remember the last time a Spurs performance made me as angry as the one yesterday did. But nobody can tell me we got fucked like we did because we played one up front or because Chadli played over Townsend. It was because the players just weren't up for the fight and they let Liverpool walk all over us in our own back yard. No I'm not happy with these results, but I'm also not happy that the longest serving Spurs manager I can remember lasted less than 4 years. AVB was given £100m to spend, brought in 8 new players, and yet wasn't given even half a season to try and get the whole thing working. It's stupid short term thinking and it will get us nowhere. I'm sure performances will get better regardless of who we bring in, but that's because of the players' efforts, not those of AVB or whoever repaces him.