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Found 2 results

  1. I don't know if I'm helping trying to start the thread but I want to start debating over it already With all my spelling Spurs webbers I'm sorry to hear that site struggling but I know for a fact I would be lost without this And I think a lot of us will be so I hope there's good news it's not going to go. Admin please do the win Lose or Draw a thingy He better play Vinicious from start against Brighton we've got a prove that he can be a good backup. I'm still angry that he didn't play Alderweireld against the bin dippers how can you leave your best defender on the bench and as for bringing Winx on to change the game we all know my opinion on that one. Weve always said they should be a plant b and c know he's dealing with injuries but the plan B just did not work against The pool Get the spine right Jose Play Alderweireld. And the rumours about Aurier throwing a strop Maybe he was showing some spirit and was angry that he was being taken off because to be honest I did see him sitting out on that right wing waiting for passes And no one was bloody passing it onto the wing for him. See a shaky 5-minutes start for this because Brighton will be dogged but will get the breakthrough from somebody I think high holjberg knows he has to be a lynchpin in midfield and attack as much as he can I still would make him captain And let him shout at the team and organise You need someone in midfield who can shout the defenders and attack. Kane may only be out for a few weeks hopefully fit and ready when he comes back But this is Vinicious Time to Shine and Jose better not Leave him on the bench BALE needs to be utilised earlier. And I know I sound like a broken record but winks can only be brought on for the last 10 minutes To fall over players and sit on the ball And hopefully make a few forward passes. Would rather bring Sissoko on instead of him at least he can make a tackle And it's strong enough to hold off players And will actually run with the ball even though sometimes He doesn't look up and ends up running into the corner flag
  2. Ok I'll start. My worst football match ever - Burnley v Southend (poss 1987?) pissed down with rain, shite match, bad food, 5 of us squeezed into a tiny FIAT to the match , should've put me off football forever, ( and I was a neutral!) anyone else has one like that???