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Hi all,

We've set up some affiliate links below.  If you're planning on making any purchases with the below retailers all we ask is that you click on the link of the respective retailer - this gives us a tracking referral fee usually between 3-5% which we can then put towards our monthly server cost which is £140 a month.

If there is a retailer you'd like to see added - please let us know and we'll do our best.

Thanks for your continued support - COYS!


Amazon UK


Amazon.com (USA)






Consoles & Gadgets.co.uk


Cotswold Outdoor










JD Sports








Lovell Soccer


Maplin Electronics


My Memory


Physio Room








RadioShack (USA)






Simply Games


Sports Shoes






The Hut


Thomas Pink




Under Armour




WH Smith





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Hi all,


Does anyone tend to buy stuff online?  i.e. games, DVD's, TV's - whatever?   The reason I ask is that we have signed up for affiliate schemes to help keep the site online.   So for example, if you purchased something from Play.com - we would get 3% of the sale.


Are there any particular online sites you want us to check?   (for example - purchasing the new Spurs kit online)  It all goes to keeping our forum alive.


Let me know.



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Thanks guys. I've gone ahead and added GAME as requested.  Along with a few others - if you can get in the mindset of clicking on the links when ordering it would really help us - it doesn't cost you anything extra, it just takes a small % from the retailer's fee to go towards our server costs

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Ive added this page as a bookmark in my partners shopping folder on the laptop. She's got to get a few DS games from GAME for her nephew and she will use the links. We'll definitely use the Amazon one too. 

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I didn't know about this "Affiliate" thing until just now and I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon. 


Rather than coming onto this site and this forum every time I want to buy something from Amazon, I have dragged the link from Neil's post into the header of my Safari Browswer. Now I will enter Amazon from that link every time I visit the site. You'll be paying me commission soon !!

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Wait, wait, wait......I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff.

So, I've clicked on the Amazon link in Neil's original post.  It started a new page

on my browser AND changed my link to here to Amazon.  I hit the back button

here and it went back to spurs-web.com, and, of course, the Amazon page is

still running at the top.

Are you saying that when I but something on Amazon from that link, this site

will get "credit"?  Shoot, I'll just keep it running if I need to?!

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Oh, Neil, I wouldn't be adverse to making this thread a "sticky" and have it as the first post everytime

I hit "View New Posts".  I wouldn't want to clutter that up with anything else, but until "we" can pay for

it for you, it may be a good way to remind us to use the link when shopping?  I had forgot about it, but, then,

I forget a lot of stuff these days.......

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