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This topic should fetch some good answers:  Please feel free to add your choices of which there should be a few.  I will begin with:


David Bentley



Sergei Rebrov

Chimbonda (that penalty)

 Ramon Vega

Helder Postiga


Roberto Soldado.


Quitters never win and winners never quit.


Case in point: Lamela was a disaster but he never quit, worked hard, took all the venom directed at him, and now he's a cornerstone of the team.  He'll either do something spectacularly awesome or spectacularly stupid, but he never gives up.

Soldado was phoning it in within a couple weeks of arrival.  He and Adebayor cross-pollinated the dressing room with bad attitude for a long time.

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Some of my favourites

Eddie Baily, John white, Danny Blanchflower, plus about 60 others.

Never saw Eddie Bailey play, but remember him as Billy Nick assistant and being told to "bugger off and leave the players alone" on open day at Cheshunt training ground when I was in my teens.

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Guest Borodin

Justin Edinburgh, Ben Thatcher and David Bentley.........complete and utter tossers, especially Bentley who had the ability but squandered it.

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