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No, I haven't. Who was there?

It was on BBC 2.


They had some rabbi from Belfast, an Imam and another guy from The British Humanist Association. Then they had Harry Hotspur on weblink and some Oxford Prof who was a Spurs fan and someone from the Show Racism the Red Card initiative.


Here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03bqvzz/Sunday_Morning_Live_Series_4_Episode_12/


Fast forward to 22 minutes.

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Hi guys,

Been away for a few days to cool off a bit ...

MJB - sorry if I misread what you were trying to say. I have a bit of a powerful reaction to anything which seems to be defending people in groups such as EDL etc (some history there)- I accept that was not your intention and I apologise for any overreaction.

What you drinking? ;-)

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Sorry to drag this old thread up but something really fucked me off earlier today. Was flicking through twitter and saw Baddiel was going on about being hungover and I noticed that his 'description' of himself just says JEW. I'm sorry but surely this is as wrong as us shouting YID ARMY. Both parties are using the term with pride aren't they? Or are both parties using the term in an antagonising way? 


Either way he's a wanker. 

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