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AVB OUT NOW! Long has long been enough! POLL included

sack him or keep him  

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  1. 1. would you sack him or keep him?

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players are servants of the club


they dont get to pick and choose who they play under.....they dont have the luxury of deciding if they like the gaffer


elephant washer and benny should have their contracts terminated


I think players have been controlling the destiny of the gaffer for some years now.


They shouldn't have their contracts terminated, they should instead be forced to play for us again and take whats coming to them


Adebayor I expect nothing less from, but I'm truly mortified by BAE doing this to us. More upsetting than the loss itself.

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So AVB's "project" is over. What next for our club? How can we move forward and with whom? Do we go with an old experienced head for a season or do we go with a bright young manager for the long term? Oh wait, that's what we did when we went with AVB...i'd love to be a fly on the wall at Spurs Lodge tomorrow...

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i hope you cunts can look yourselves in the mirror in a few days when we get some useless prick replacement


Come on pal, I didn't detest AVB, but these defeats were UNACCEPTABLE! He has a class unit at his disposal we're barely beating the league dross 1-0 and getting smashed by our CL rivals.

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whats unacceptable is the likely replacements

so you stick with the shit you have? When it is clearly not working? Nonsense. This group of players could probably do better without a fucking manager. AVB was given his time, too inflexible, too negative and getting hammered, not beaten, HAMMERED by our so called direct rivals. I take no pleasure in him getting sacked but it HAD to happen.

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