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AVB - Contract Terminated

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The moment we lost 6-0 to city AVB was a dead man walking, losing to City away is no surprise but it was the manner in the way we lost added to the fact we had played poorly in almost all our games, yesterday was the icing the cake AVB couldn't afford to have another shocking result so soon after the City game.

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the lack of support for the club and the manager from some people here has been appaling


either yours spurs or your not


If you look at my previous posts I have supported AVB.

Right up until the Liverpool debacle. When the facts change, so does my mind. It was clearly obvious in that game that AVB has not got what it takes to move us forward. Thus a new mmanager/ coach is needed. We have a great squad of highly wanted and prized players, I and more to the point, Mr.Levy think he is not the man to take us forward. Worse home defeat in 16 years, I can see his point.

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I think we have ripped out the heart and soul of our club in the last year lads. Our British manager who played the Spurs way and had a British core of players who would never have lost 5-0 at home.


I don't blame Villas Boas, I blame the senior management at the club and the decision to sanction the purchasing of so many players at once. We never addressed our left back issue (though Rose was unfortunate with injury) and I think we should have sold Daws and kept Caulker aswell.


Good luck wherever you go André - you turned Gareth Bale into the monster player he is and we had some good times but I want my club back. I am not all about the results, I am a bit of a purist - Bill Nic and Danny Blanchflower style. We have the players, now lets bloody attack! 



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you are, I am, most of the people here are....


but then you have those who took glee from poor perfomances....  were seemingly overjoyed by our losses


place money on us TO LOSE !!!!


this will come back to haunt us


poor bastard was never given a chance by the press, and then the impatient, the naive and the deluded jumped on the band wagon



unless we get hiddink or similar, we're going to be fucked


remember my words here


we are in danger of fucking everything up in a colossal manner

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