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The Hoddle Sherwood thread MERGE 1x

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“A lot of these new players I don’t even know,†Sherwood said. “I’ve had three days training with them. It’s about the heat of the battle and knowing who you can trust, and the kid’s ready to play."


I'm glad that Betableb played well but it's quite alarming to hear that Sherwood doesn't know our new players. So he never watch the first team players in training sessions before? I thought we are counting on Sherwood because he knew everything about this team inside out.


He wanted to get a job promotion without doing anything other than managed two games. Just two games. He thinks that an interim manager post is not good enough for him.

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Think it's the best idea all the good managers won't leave mid way they a season


AVB did , and he was our best manager (points wise at least and really that's how the tables are calculated ) in EPL history

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