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Although EXTREMELY weary (sorry spurfect but it is lol) he does raise some good issues. There must be some explanation as to why our medical table is always full. It's not exactly a new problem either. Is it the pitch? Is it the training methods or simply put are our medical staff shit? Is Def something that should be looked into.


Don't worry mate, you are excused! ;-)

thank you. I tried to start a good conversation and wanted to discuss an issue, we all should be concerned of. In the best english that I can! (wonder, what would have come out, if I had tried to translate in Swahili) 

But hey, to dare is to do!


I see, next time I will try to keep it shorter. maybe like that,


medical staff - coaching - injuries! correlation? what do you think? ;-)

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There all pussies that's the prob! Any niggle and you have to 2 weeks off, I do think they train way to hard with these bleep tests and drills I reckon pre season is all the hard graft to get super fit the season should be training 1st 11 against other squad members to play a style of the next team and try some stuff out then on match days fucking go for it play your guys out play your position well and everyone's happy!! If your shit in training ya dropped if you play bad in match your dropped next game until you prove yaself worthy of putting the shirt on!

They should learn a few Things from the Milan team their players go on for fucking years some spaghetti yoga shit or something they do!

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The question for me is how many first 11 starters were 100% fit for yesterday's game? I don't think rose and adebayor looked fit. I think what the op is mentioning is about long term repeating injuries measured proportionally against other prem sides? I don't have the answer but I think we've been guilty in the past of bringing back players too soon from injury.

We did this with bale and Lennon all the time instead of giving our other squad players a chance and it really pissed me off.

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