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Alan Sugar

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Wasn't Sugar given the option to sign Bergkamp before he joined the scum but turned it down cos he didn't rate him? Says it all about his assessment of a player

Bergkamp was a boyhood Tottenham fan because of Glenn Hoddle.When he left Inter Milan,he wanted to come here and even as he was about to sign the contract with Arsenal,he contacted Spurs to see if there was a change of heart from us.

Basically,Sugar got his fingers burned with Jurgen (it wasn't Jurgen's fault that Sugar did not understand the contracts that he signs) and Sugar did not want another "Carlos Kickaball".Cue Bergkamp signing for Arsenal and becoming the lynchpin of a team that went on to win several league titles and FA Cups.

Lest we forget,Gerry Francis also had the first option on Gianfranco Zola but turned him down because Francis genuinely thought that Zola would be no improvement on David Howells.........

No matter how much we might bitch and moan about Tottenham now,we have to remember that the Sugar era was relentless,merciless arse dribble.The fact that he saved us from bankruptcy dosen't excuse any of this.

Great businessman my arse.

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Sugar is a proper knob after what I found out today. Someone I know who coaches academy players at spurs told me soldado is really struggling due to his wife losing a baby. He said it's very recent and will be out in the open very soon. If this is the case he's done well to focus on football


yeah this was mentioned over xmas in the press a little


hardly surprising..move to a new country, lose a baby...suddenly football not quite the focus

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