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Slightly off subject , just watched a you tube video of Trippier , looks like a very a fantastic signing , great deliverer of the ball , hopefully will push Walker for a starting place , not sure where this leaves Yedlin , can't really see a starting place for him , even pushing up the field a bit , maybe try Trippier at right back and Walker a little further on .

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I don't think Sven could give us a boost and tbh I think he is the wrong Bender we are after. Its his twin brother Lars who would be a great addition, but I doubt we'll get him. I also think that many players from Dortmund where linked with other clubs because Kloop has gone. Reus, Aubermeyang, Schmelzer, Gündogan, Großkreuz and so on, but I think Dortmund will try their best to keep their key players and try to strengthen their squad instead! Castro was a great signing. Maybe they'll need a new striker, but Dortmund is a top top team!


Think the Yarmolenko deal is done already(but thats my personal opinion), it will depend on Levy and the medical!

Hope your right about Yarmolenko! If he comes and he settles well, he could be a fantastic addition in my opinion.

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Rose is our best option at LB.  Wouldn't sell him especially not to Chelsea FC.  Anyone who doesn't see that Rose had a great season last year is biased to the point of blindness.


Agreed...mostly. I mean, I might sell him for stupid money but it would have to be a ridiculous offer that would have the rest of the league laughing at Jose.

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Rather sell walker than rose, walker hasn't improved in 5 years, rose came on leaps and bounds let's hope he makes the same progression. Deli looks good we have a good starting 11 and almost a second. Vorm is shit and need a striker possibly a winger maybe we get away with yedlin and Pritchard.

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Chelsea are after Danny Rose, lol - willing to pay 15 mill according to rumours. Oh God Please be true. I thought we'd never get rid of the muppet - couldn't defend his own arsehole.


I don't know about his arsehole? lmao ...but Danny really improved! hope he can continue on that form and become a more solid left back. But he still needs extra sessions on training crosses!

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I don't really believe that Chelsea wants Rose. Rose's mistake led to RM's 1st goal.

We looks fine in midfield and defense but we need two proven goalscorers.


I'm also not the biggest fan of Rose and with every of his mistakes my list for LB's gets longer but tbh it was not Roses fault! Where was Wimmer?


In almost 5 seasons we had the chance to sign these left backs:


Alex Sandro Santos -> Porto (1.26/5.95)

Filipe Luis Atletico Madrid -> rent boys (6.3/8.4 million)

Criscito Genoa -> Zenit (8.5 million)

Alba München (6.6 million)

Boilesen Ajax (1.1 million)

Monreal Malaga -> Wankers (4.2 million)

Rodriguez Zürich -> Wolfsburg (3.5/5.9 million)

Ghoulam St.Etienne -> Napoli (1.75 million)

Olsson Blackburn -> Norwich (2.8 million)

Insua Lissabon -> Stuttgart (1.9 million)

Erkin Galatasaray -> Fenerbace (contract out)

Ostrzolek Augsburg -> Hamburg (2.60 million)

Masuaku Valenciennes -> Olympiakos (350k)

Jose Angel Roma -> Porto (2.6 million)


Telles Gremio -> Galatasaray (1.05/5.3 million)

Baba Fürth -> Augsburg (1.05 million)

Gaya Valencia (1.75 million)

Ali Adnan Rizespor (1.6 million)

Kurzawa Monaco (2.4 million)

Willems PSV (1.05/2.8 million)

Mendy Le Havre -> Marseille (1.4/2.8 million)

Waylon Francis Herediano -> Columbus Crew (300k)


the prices are of course from the date I suggested them. Some of the players twice or thrice 


Many players prove what I always knew, our scouts are lame. But many players become out of reach now financially I mean, but some would still be a good deal considering the price Chelsea are prepared to pay for Rose. I'm still convinced in Ghoulam who would be a boost and a motivator for Algerian teammate Bentaleb. It would also be a great deal when we sell Rose and could sign Baba instead of Chelsea, cause that would be a kick in the Oligarchs teeth and sweet revange! Masuaku is rated 1.2 million now but IMO still a bargain!


Nevertheless with Rose and Davies we have two fullbacks under contract and even this position needs improvement, there are other positions which are more important to fill at the moment. What I don't understand is why we don't consider the offensive line of Wolverhampton, they may be shit at the back, but they know how to score goals!


Sako, Dicko, Afobe!


I'm sure we would get them all for less than 6 million. Sako free agent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We all understandably use word like potential, great prospect and for his age etc, when describing a young talented player.

Recently after seeing Bentaleb, Mason, Kane blooded and retained. I hope to see the same (even possibly at the

expense of Mason) with Alli.

Regardless of his age and PL experience. He looks more than capable of adding to and influencing things on the pitch.

I hope Poch will give him (maybe at The Lane first off) a consecutive run of games so we can see if he can do it week

in, week out!

4-1-4-1 at Home.

Lloris: Trippier, Toby, Vert, Rose (4): Bentaleb (1): Chadli, Alli, Ericksen, Dembele (4): Kane (1):

Rose pushing on. Eriksen/Alli alternating the 10 role. Dembele filling in the gaps along with Bentaleb.

Alli/Eriksen supporting and orchestrating from slightly deeper.

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Can we really not outbid West ham for Hernandez ? the day they out bid us for players is the day we need to shut up shop FFS ....


they already signed Obiang, Ogbonna and Payet. All heavily linked with us before!

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I do believe Austin will be a good striker. Underrated.


Ings was an idiot for going to Shitpool. They bought Benteke and Firmino, Ings will love the bench.

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