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A Big Dream

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With all the rumors floating around over the weekend of a possible Bale exit from Madrid for a return to the PL, I got to thinking...what would I do if I were Bale?

If he is serious about coming back to the PL and it is all about the money then his only real options are Man U, Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea. I'm going to give the Welshman the benefit of the doubt and say he wouldn't go to Arsenal because he is a former Tottenham lad and knows just what that means. Furthermore, I'm going to extend that same reasoning to cover Chelsea as well. That leaves the Manc clubs as really the only ones who can afford him and even then he will likely be taking a cut in wages which are currently reported to be roughly 150 million over 6 years counting salary and bonues (just shy of 500k a week, all in).

Now allow yourself to consider, just for a second, what if it isn't all about the money? What if there are other factors? If I were in Bale's position, I would have been investing my money and at this point it wouldn't be all about that for me. 

Like what if he has a soft spot for his old club? What if he is interesting in playing all his home matches in the National Stadium (granted, he isn't English)? What if he loves the look of Spurs new stadium project? What if playing in a lineup that includes Kane, Alli and Eriksen is a stronger pull than what is offered at either City or United? What if the style of football offered at Spurs is more attractive than either Pep or Jose offer? What if he prefers London to Manchester? What if....?

Then the big questions...

How much would Spurs pay Madrid to get him back? How high would Levy go in wages for Bale? How much of a "home" discount in wages would Bale take to play for Spurs? Is there a creative way to structure wages/bonuses that might get the job done? 

I know this is likely a pipe dream and probably won't ever happen. I doubt Bale will take as much of a pay cut as would be required to make this work and I doubt Levy would be willing to pay the fee required to get Bale back from Madrid.

The problem is that in my mind I keep seeing Bale lined up with Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Dembele, Wanyama, Rose, Jan, Toby, Trippier and Lloris. I keep thinking about the pace down the left side that a lineup like this would offer and the sleepless nights it would give Pep, Jose, Conte, Arsene and Klopp. I keep thinking of the space in the middle that would open up for Kane and Dele with the fear of Bale on the left and the space that would open all around Eriksen for fear of Bale, Dele and Kane.

I just keep thinking...

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I really think that if levy could he would pay £100 mill for him and £150grand a week with a big signing on fee and bounses 

but sadly I don't think bale would come back to us 

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It's nice to dream. Sadly, we live in the real world where money counts for a lot. Let's face it, I would be surprised if anyone of us on here would throw away millions regardless of how much we loved Spurs. Gareth is a straight up guy and I ardently believe if he would love to play here again. But come on, he has a wife, family and a career searching for medals to consider. Is it not a tad unfair for us to expect him to come back at this stage in his career?

Good luck to the guy whatever he chooses, although I agree with Neophyte, I would be amazed if he willingly chose Arsenal or Chelsea. I wouldn't know whether he has any right to veto going there if Real Madrid ordered him to.


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