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What did he do about it

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After my last piece about our dip in form and what was poch going to do about it things seemed to have taken a turn for the better so my question to you all is 

what did he do ?

i’d be interested in how differently people think it has changed

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I don't really put it down to a 'blip' although that is how I like to refer to it. To me, it was more of an unusual run where things went wrong on the day. At times we didn't get the rub of the green where as the opponents did. Also, it is not unusual for players to have sub standard days. Both Liverpool and Arsenal have had a similar experience in their last two games. Also, we are going through a patch with unfortunate injuries to key players. I think individual things had an effect rather than a team imploding. 

We don't have a depth of squad to easily cope with a string of unfortunate events happening at the same time. Looking at it objectively, whilst it was a tad long, there were positives. We gave away soft early goals putting our selves under pressure but managed draws. We had teams parking two buses to spoil the game yet we still battled hard and put the effort in and avoided a string of defeats.

The point is, was it actually a dip in form or was it a sequence of other things going on at the time that perhaps had a bit of an adverse effect? 

I am hopeful that regardless of the result next Saturday, we will ease back into having a string of steady performances and by the time February arrives, the ship will have steadied and we will still be in contention for a 3rd or 4th place with a team full of confidence again.


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