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'Man love' for The Poch

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On 20 March 2018 at 3:47 AM, Royce 71 said:

Ask Asc3 about my Man Love of Poch!

Roycey, you more than anyone must know the intentions of Poch. 

He can't go anywhere until you sign the Divorce Papers.

i am not sure he is a Top 5 World Class Manager or in a position to run a club like Real Madrid. However, if their team is to undergo major changes in the next year or two (Ronaldo,Bale,etc,etc) they may accept he is the man to initiate a couple of years of team building.

Before Poch we were a Top 6-8 team in the Premiership. Under the guidance of Poch we have achieved Top 4 but with no other Cups.

i expect Poch to stay and I would hope for 20 years of Top 4 status and at that level of competence a few Cups will stumble our way. 

Dont worry mate you can still keep your Poch Pillowslip and Sheets....the man ain't going anywhere yet!!!!


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