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Warnock you ****

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concerned only with one's own interests and typically disregarding accepted standards in order to achieve them.

the above is a dictionary definition of the the term cynical which is what was used by neil warnock to describe the tackle on moura yesterday against Cardiff

other terms could be deliberate,intended     and there are probably more that could be used

as much as I mostly enjoy listening to him this time he really is talking b******s

how can he justify saying that it’s just cynical as if that’s acceptable behaviour and not expect to get what the tackle deserved

probably by luck more than judgement no harm was done but it could have been far worse and for warnock just to dismiss it as an overreaction by the ref is just plain unprofessional 

i appriciate every manager protects there players but there are times they just need to admit that sometimes individuals do things that have to be admitted as wrong so mr warnock watch the replays and fess up

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