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You can have the best players in the world, if you can‘t put them in the right formation, they are useless! 7 defensive players! What kind of tactic is that? Bore the opponent to death?

shit formation, shit tactics, shit selection of players. Mourinho has no fucking clue

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Winks is awful this season. He couldn't lay a simple ball for Moura to run on. He doesn't use his brain to think. When Toby and Jan are both open, he plays the ball to Sanchez. He is moving back and forth watching the ball but he doesn't make any impact at all. He picks an early yellow card for his mistake. Please bench him.

I rather play Gedson, Dele, or Dier than Winks.


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Levy has to take some of the blame. All that cunt is interested in is money. Big stadium shit football and loads of money from gigs and other sports events. We have a bunch of overpaid individuals who couldn’t give a shit about the club. All Dele cares about is his online profile, he’s a pound shop Pogba. Ndombele, I thought he was a baller, turns out he’s just a light weight heavyweight. It’s says it all when we are excited about Lamela coming on. Fucking joke

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