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CPL Final VAR Penalty Soundtrack

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All done and dusted in nano seconds. No time for VAR officials to watch a replay, the guy immediately says to the ref Penalty 100%. The referee was quite literally told what his decision should be.

Water under the bridge now I know, but it really rankled when this soundtrack was made available and posted up. Grrrrrr !

The game should be like Rugby with the fans able to hear everything going on as it happens which explains any doubts they may have. They may not agree with the decision but at least they can have a better understanding of why it was made.

This link on our website to read more and see Spurs fans reactions




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I have only watched the highlights of this game once since we lost to LiVARpool

This snippet honestly made me sick to my stomach watching it again!

I thought it was water under the bridge too, but I would be lying to myself if I said I could let this game go. There is no one on this earth that could convince me or pay me enough money to admit we was not the better team that day. Football frustration at its very peak for me lol.

For a CPL final, what a scrappy first 10 seconds tho jesus haha 

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