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Spurs Query Capacity Regulations

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On 12/5/2020 at 12:16 AM, Borodin said:

I totally agree with this, surely the ground capacity should be taken into consideration ?


I suspect the numbers allowed into the ground depends more on how social distancing is controlled into and out of the ground to avoid hundreds, if not thousands of fans being shoulder to shoulder. 

The virus can only spread person to person, and the spikes seen have come about in public places where there have been masses ignoring the rules and when gathering in public. Making pleas to fans to behave responsibly would be like pissing into the wind. A bit like telling Millwall fans not to be racist. 

The Government has to do what is best for the country and that means ensuring the NHS doesn't get inundated for 2 reasons. Firstly it is to avoid increasing the pressure on an already overstretched front line force. Secondly, people are dying with things like cancer, heart problems etc because beds are being taken up by coronavirus cases. 

If the Government makes an exception for football fans, it is only fair to do it for other sports and the entertainment world like cinemas and theatres. Each time there is a spike it leads to lockdown and, imo we don't want to be in a one step forward and 2 steps back situation. 

Just an old man's alternative view. 


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