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For several decades now, football clubs are no longer filled with local lads bolstered with some transfers in from other clubs. Then there was a long slow battle allowing black and mixed ethnic players to play. Then foreign players were allowed to be bought in. 

There was an eclectic mix of races and colours throughout the leagues and, sadly it wasn't greeted with open arms by far too many of the supporters and fans. Emotions ran high and racism raised it's ugly head and proliferated because it went unchecked by Governments and sporting bodies. 

The players themselves where appalled, horrified and probably disgusted by the behaviour of those supporters/fans with their vile racist chants. They did their best to stop it but failed utterly to get through to those who carried on bringing their racist views into the grounds. The players don't want it and wear 'RESPECT' badges on their shirts. Then the wore 'BLM', and when that didn't work, started taking the knee. 

THFC, the Board, the staff, the players and the fans have an unblemished record in tackling this totally unacceptable vile behaviour of racists. The club has a long list of black and mixed ethnic players who are up there on the list of greats who have pulled on a Tottenham shirt. A prime example is Ledley King who is still making a massive contribution to the success of the club. I feel we are deeply indebted to everyone of those players to ensure racism is totally stamped out. 

Please maintain your enthusiasm and deep emotions - you are the club's lifeblood and are the 12th man that inspires the players to victory. However, please remember we are the leading 'family' oriented Spurs Forum that respects the fact that it's users may well include, ethnic minorities, women (mothers, sisters wives, daughters etc) children (who need guidance of what is acceptable and what isn't) and the disabled and disadvantaged. They also need protecting from over emotional outbursts that disrespect situation. 

Point out dissatisfaction of Enic, DL, the manager and players or praise them. Keep this, now buzzing forum, at the top of the league. However, please do it with respect and let us be part of the fight that is restoring politeness and good manners which has been drifting into oblivion over the last 4 decades. 



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