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20/21 PL: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v Leicester City

Tottenham v Leicester  

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3 hours ago, Audere Est Facere said:

fair points, if youd told us before the season started theyd be games we d be bored stiff watching, we would have believed you. 

If youd told us theyd be games or long periods of games where we have <20% possession ,  no shots, wed have believed you


Our fellow member Roycy did say he wasn't happy with the way we're playing  and although I agreed with him I said I think at least we're going to start getting results but it is frustrating because as an old Glory boy I find it tough I find myself drifting off looking away from the screen which is not a good sign but let's just hope we get silverware this season and next year we can be more adventurous with a few exciting signings. 

Unfortunately you've got no one in midfield of the likes of vdv, Ginola, gazza hate to say Ericsson who can light up an attacking play obviously BALE had that and we might see tiny glimpses.

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Just now, Audere Est Facere said:

When you find out what 20 minutes we are gonna play football let me know and i wake up

Last two games I don't think I've seen this lose the ball so much it's not hard to find a white shirt is it players like lo celso work there arse off but then hold on to it and lose it instead of Passing it straight away get the momentum going forward and attack

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Just when you thought Aurier had shaken off his rash decision making in the box... poor goal to give away is such a stale mate game.

Need to move the ball around faster and be more forward thinking second half. No true winger on the right is making our options limited... 

Hopefully we can nick one early second half and apply the pressure final third of the game


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Just now, Craig Truespur said:

Only positive is we got no choice now we actually have got to come out and attack unless Jose thinks I'll let's just hold onto 1-0 and Nick one at the end but he really needs a smack around the face

I'm not watching anymore. Enjoy being Spurs on FM17 more.. 

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