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Man City Vs SPURS Sat 13th Feb 17.30pm

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9 minutes ago, Cromulentmart said:

Lloris has been awful recently, but look at the Liverpool and Manure keepers. Just as bad ... and they cost a fortune.

Man Utd are dropping points, Everton and Liverpool too.

It's not just Spurs.




Quite true.

It isn't just goalies making mistakes. Sadly for them, their mistakes almost invariably leads to conceding. Defenders make mistakes which sometimes lead to conceding but, probably less so than goalies. For strikers, wingers and mid field players who are expected to score goals. their mistakes are different, in that they are not taking scoreable chances. 

Much to do with Spurs misfortunes this season is that all have been culpable. When all have done it in the same game, it has cost us. We have conceded soft goals and not scored good chances. This sometimes can be the reason yet the manager finds the blame lands on his shoulders. I am always intrigued after a match with the totally opposing views.

The fans praise when we win and criticise when we lose - that is just natural human reactions. That said, if it is felt that some players seem more prone to mistakes being the reason we drop points, those players often attract questioning whether they should be kept or moved out.

There is no doubt that Hugo, since he has been with us, has demonstrated that he is truly world class - their can be no question of that and he was a match winner with his incredible saves. However, it has been noticeable that over the last two seasons he has been making types of errors that he wasn't doing when he was close to being 100% reliable, (as are other top goalies now being questioned as to whether they are making too many mistakes and fans calling for them go) . I am not suggesting that is a reason for him to go. But I can see why he and the others are coming under closer scrutiny and with not too favourable comments.

With many fans supporting a club, it almost becomes a religion. This can raise such deep emotions within them that seem to be uncontrollable. They can be euphoric and they can cry. they can be loving they can be cruelly harsh.

For me, that is what makes this forum so interesting and lively. As long as it doesn't get nasty and get out of hand with personal attacks on individuals, long may it continue.




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15 hours ago, KCspurs said:

What's he supposed to do, win the league every year?

Yes mate he is,they have set high standards and are nowhere near we’re they should be,and as us long suffering spurs fans know all to well the buck stops with the manager..

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