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Does Levy Now Have Regrets ?

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2 hours ago, Borodin said:

Found this article interesting reading. I'd love to know exactly how Levy is feeling right now, looking back on all that's happened since he sacked Poch.


Benefitting with the help of hindsight, it will be remarkable if he is not having tinges of regret. 

There are clues from the journos that DL has lost confidence that the success he expected  is increasingly looking likely to not happen. 

Today I read that he has put a £150M price tag on Harry's head following rumours other clubs are putting out feelers regarding buying him . Then I read that DL had been eying up 33 year old Naglesman as a long term replacement for JM. 

Players, pundits and journos who were all purring over JM when we were top, now seem to have lost faith in him and spend more time pointing out where he is going wrong. 

Slim hopes remain that over night a remarkable transformation occurs, and we put a run of 8+ wins together to rescue the season . However, it seems DL has taken off his rose tinted glasses at last, and is facing up to the reality of the situation. 

We just have to be patient for the next 3 or 4 weeks and when results will have made it much clearer as to whether it will be a thumbs up or thumbs down verdict on this season. 


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