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Craig Truespur

Do the players care

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I quite like this article someone spotted lo celso so instead of going off the pitch he wanted to watch Harry Kane penalty now to me that shows someone who's actually got some team spirit and cares.

Now I haven't heard of Mourinho having some sort of crisis meeting to line all the players up and say can you really tell me if you want to play for this club and you actually want to fight and get us into the top 4.

As I said as manager I would put my kickboxing Gear on line them all up for a fight and I'd said to them you show me your grit and determination if you fight back and you managed to get a blow on me and actually hurt me a little bit then fair enough I show that you have some fighting you and you want to be here otherwise if I knock you on your ass and you're a big wimp get out of my club



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1 hour ago, Borodin said:

Good article that, nice to see something positive about the attitude of the players :16:

I've just seen as well and then it popped up as the official Spurs site saying how good Moura played fair enough they're trying to show a bit of team spirit but just picking out the one player that actually works his ass off is kind of redundant:dd:

It would be interesting to see Mouras stats of how many Ne-Yo areas he covers on the pitch tackles he puts in and just sheer effort compared to the other players he  is like a Jack Russell on Coke.

Maybe Mourinho should just show the players videos of Moura and show them that's how you work for your team until your heart hanging out of your chest.

I can just see winks and dire are scratching their heads going but I do work hard don't I......hmmmmm running around like a headless chicken making mistakes and negative passes is not the same

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