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‘He sucked the culture out of the club’ – the inside story of Jose Mourinho’s downfall at Tottenham

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Some excepts from an excellent piece at The Athletic, which I would commend to you all. It's well worth the subscription. Their podcast, "A View From The Lane" is also great.



The Athletic can reveal how:

  • Tottenham players were left bored and untested by his training sessions
  • Most of squad were expecting his sacking
  • Tactics were so obsessed with stopping opposition that players were unsure how to attack
  • Mourinho’s assistant Joao Sacramento was unpopular with the squad
  • The club were unhappy with Mourinho’s criticism of the players and asked him to stop it
  • Mourinho ran out of allies at the club, on and off the pitch
  • Only Harry Kane was loyal to Mourinho at the end
  • His dismissal had nothing to do with the Super League and was based purely on results

The dressing room was increasingly divided. There were more experienced players such as Kane, Hojbjerg and Lucas Moura, who responded well to the manager and who continued to perform even when results were falling apart in the last few months. Kane, sources say, would have run through a brick wall for Mourinho, right up to the end.


“Four or five players absolutely hate him, four or five like him, four or five just aren’t arsed,” said another club source earlier this month. “He just splits the camp, because of what he says and how he says it.”


The story of Mourinho’s career is that he enjoyed great success in his first decade, working with a generation of players who have now all retired: Deco, Ricardo Carvalho, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Wesley Sneijder, Diego Milito and the rest. But the next generation of players — the millennials and Gen Z players — simply do not react well to his methods.


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Here's a link to the article. https://theathletic.com/2525352/2021/04/19/he-sucked-the-culture-out-of-the-club-the-inside-story-of-jose-mourinhos-downfall-at-tottenham-hotspur/

If you'd like a 30 day guest pass to The Athletic, it says I can send you one. I have no affiliation with them other than being a big fan of their publication. Send me a PM with your email if you want one.

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