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Lest We Forget ....

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@Audere Est Facere posted this message yesterday :

They only backing down cos of fear of loss of money. Not out of any decency . They all still scum. Don't ever forget this week. 

He was 100% correct that everybody who genuinely supports this Football Club should never, ever forget the manner in which the owners attempted to railroad us into accepting the concept of a "Super League". Levy could argue that José wasn't aware of things because his fate had already been decided but what about the fans and the players ??

Why was no-one consulted prior to this announcement, did they really think we would just roll over and accept it ?

Much will be written about this matter and apologies will be scattered like confetti in order to try and appease people who have been insulted, offended and totally ignored regarding their opinions.

Never forget how little Daniel Levy and Joe cared about both the Tottenham players and supporters, if the other clubs had stood firm we would still be a part of this manic plan today and heading towards Premier league expulsion.

For me Daniel Levy and ENIC have lost all respect and credibility. I want them out now, I don't trust them with my club, (because that's what it is to each and every supporter. Spurs is our club).

It's time for them to slink into the shadows and hand the club over to someone who actually cares about it's future.


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Sometimes in life it is possible to forgive one's genuine mistakes regardless of how horrendous the outcome. 

DL and Enic sneakily trying to steal THFC from the fans and to present them with a fait accompli, is not just unforgivable, but it should lead to resignations. If the contracts they signed lea to paying compensation, DL and the board members should pay them out of their own pockets. 

Did Joe Lewis know this was happening behind close doors? The man is reported to be worth £4.9 billion pounds. As a man born in London, I assume he bought Spurs because he was a supporter. It seems odd to buy a club and then take no interest in it. Also, purportedly being around the 5th richest person in the world, it begs the question, 'Why has he not found a way to elevate Spurs to the ranks of the most successful in Europe?' 

Perhaps he should go along with the stinking rats who have sullied the good name of the club and left the fans open to ridicule. 


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