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Spurs Trust Calls For Board To Resign...

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He will be difficult to shift as he holds a hefty amount of shares. I suppose technically he is employed by Enic as chairman and a vote by the board could remove him from the post as chairman. 

Getting rid of Enic is an impossibility as they are the major share holders. They need to be bought out presumably. 

All that said, with THST and the fans after serious change, I foresee that a lot of power will be removed from the chairman and Board with input put from from the supporters. 

This situation may well turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Fingers crossed. 



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Before you demand ENIC out, just look who buys football clubs these days. Would you prefer an American sports company, a Russian oligarch, a middle-east country ... or China?

Incidentally, I see that the PL have been discussing sanctions against the "European Six' and have finally decided what to do. After much deliberation of all the facts, they have decided to award Manchester United a penalty.

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