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Craig Truespur

Ben Davies why no injury updates?

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I will think I'm not alone here to have a complete frustration of not knowing where Ben Davies disappear to there's been no updates on his injury at all I think it's ridiculous. Yes Reguillon a shown a few bits of flair every now and then but he's not as defensive as ben and Ben was actually starting to get forward again and supply crosses and even score goals. I also thought as part of our  Welsh crew could have been working hard with Rodon to bring him into the team.

It just shows again how left-backs been a problem for us for years and now look at the state our right backs going to be why can we not sort the defence out my god we've got the King there he surely he should know what we need in defence? Speaking of which has lately King must be part of the coaching staff still could he not point out that dier can't defend is it this all he's an old friend crap again?

Also Again in defence I don't want to be controversial I like tanganga and think he's got a lot of potential but for some reason he sometimes looks like a lead weight and doesn't track that he needs to have a kick up the ass. He looks like he has the potential to be better a certain player that left us to Man City he has the strength power for defending and also some pace and some ability to get down the right wing and provide crosses

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