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Audere Est Facere

Eriksen please be OK

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6 hours ago, Audere Est Facere said:

Thanks but I wasnt apologising i was pointing out i was correct . i didnt need somewhere online to tell me what i could see and knew with my own eyes. 

Fair enough, I see what you mean now. Yep I agree that for a brief moment Eriksen was no longer with us and medically 'dead'. Thanks to the brilliant response from everyone around him they managed to bring him back. Early signs would indicate he's recovering well but I would imagine he's desperate to find out exactly what happened and more importantly if someone can tell him why. I know I would in that situation.

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5 hours ago, KCspurs said:

Grateful that he seems to be improving and to be in good spirits!

Yeh he woke up thinking he was still a Spurs player on the eve of the CL final v Liverpool but with the gift of hindsight and tells Moussa to keep his hands down and Poch to leave Kane on the bench 

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