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Craig Truespur

Is our sonny staying

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Firstly want to express my respect for this player I've never seen such a hard-working humble lovely guy in our squad since Mabbut and our King.

It's been a little bit worrying I'm not sure if he signed his new contract yet but there's so many reports going out that he doesn't want to leave even if Harry does. Obviously I'm doing this as a bit of a dig at someone who was supposed to be one of our own Sonny seems to appreciate us giving him his chance and he's loyal and loves the club as much as we do. He carries is home nation with great respect as well and I think he's going to be out of the Olympics with them which has helped us so we can start the season.

So even our main Talisman leaves us we still have sunny to brighten up the team,  I don't think I'd be able to deal with not being able to sing nice one Sonny nice one son:dd:


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I'm 85% confident he will be staying. I think Nuno is just the sort of 'fatherly' manager Son needs and they'll get on great together. :thumb:

This link may help :


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For me, he be must be ranked up there as a big a loss as Harry. When Harry was injured, Sonny was the man who took over.

Personally, I will be very surprised if he leaves. If he stays, and we  buy in the top defenders we need, I also wouldn't rule out Harry staying. Harry loves the fantastic understanding between them. 

The silence and lack of semi-serious journo speculation of clubs coming in for the 2 of them is encouraging to me. Is there is a bit of a chance we start next season with a far better squad than we feared we would be left with? 



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