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The Fabio Paratici Thread (FP Related Content Only Please)

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Undoubtedly a rather hectic and debatable first transfer window. Let's keep all our opinions and views on our new DOF in this thread please. That way we have just the one port of call for all things Fabio related.

For me the jury is still out because he was restricted due to the Harry Kane saga. I will be fascinated to see what deals he has been negotiating behind the scenes ready for the January window. :thumb:

I cannot question his choices of Gil, Romero or Royal so far but very, very early days to be passing judgement.

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As you know, with me the jury is still very much out. We haven't had time to see how any of his purchases are going to live up to expectations.

One thing I don't like is him and his team sitting with the bench players joining in pitch side with jumping up and  shouting and gesticulating at officials and players - especially after reading the players don't want him and his team there.

I see the Director of Football's role as looking for the type of player the coach has asked him to look for. For me the coach decides the type of player he wants and not the D of F telling him what player he needs. 

As he is a director on the board, I am wary he might start meddling in matters that are in the coaches domain. 


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