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Warm Invite To All Guests

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Having suffered from insomnia for many years I often pop into this forum during what could be considered 'unsociable' hours for anyone living in the UK/ROI. Last night for example I visited around 4am and as usual I was the only member logged in. I did notice however that there were no fewer than 18 guests looking through the threads and postings.

I realise some of us are not as vocal as others with regards to our opinions and views about this football club and are not prepared to post regularly concerning about what's happening. It would be great though if our guests considered signing up as forum members and perhaps responding to other member's contributions. It means a lot to see some 'likes' or 'friendlies' and takes just a few seconds to do.

So I appeal to anyone why currently logs into this forum as a Guest to actually sign up to be a member and give the posters in here,who you obviously enjoy reading, the encouragement to make more posts by clicking on a response emoji.

You never know, after a while you may even feel able to write a post yourself about a topic. We really are a friendly bunch :thumb:



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Guests looking in during England's early hours,  that is GMT, 1am to 6am, implies to me countries to the west or far east. If that is the case we would love to hear from you and which country and why you have chosen to follow Spurs. 

It would greatly make this great forum more interesting to find out more from fellow fans in different countries giving their views. 

I reiterate Borodin's appeal, as the forum would be love to become an international forum that welcomes fans from all over the world.


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