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The Son Heung-min Thread

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Couldn't have a thread about Harry Kane and not Son :thumb: This article shows just how much travelling our Korean superstar has been doing the last three years.


Here's some more informative stats on the guy :


Valued in here at £76.5m but I'm damn sure Levy would want a lot more for him




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He's so great to watch. Boundless energy, boundless enthusiasm. All the skill one could ask for. Plays the game like a schoolboy.

For me, after this summer I kind of consider Son the face of the club now. Kane is malcontented, wants away, showed up late for training, etc. Sonny is the one.

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It's a sad reflection of the times when a player from South Korea is the the one who is showing the most love and loyalty to the Club. He signed an extension despite the fortunes of the club looking bleak rather than deserting what appeared to be a sinking ship. 

Such a shame that Harry, who once claimed his heart and soul belonged to Tottenham Hotspur, then changed to putting trophies ahead of his love for the club. This is not a criticism, as he is perfectly entitled to follow his dream as 99% of footballers do. 




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