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Spurs Bottom By Some Distance

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26 minutes ago, Audere Est Facere said:

those at the top of that table are running around chasing the ball and are struggling with points

Would be more useful to join the stat with possession or something more tangible,  everyone can run but standing still creates space too 

I was thinking that too mate, top three are currently 16th 18th and 20th in the league. The expression 'busy fools' comes to mind. As long as you are fully maximising the distances you are covering with productive football (whether defending or attacking) then you are doing it right. Another interesting stat is that in the season Liverpool won league the player with least number of tackles per game was VanDijk. Right place right time, intelligent defending, Illustrates your point. He said "If I have to make a tackle then I've made a mistake" which is a class attitude because what he was brilliant at doing was intercepting the pass so there was no need to tackle.


Have a go at the salary quiz, it's a bit of fun and I'd love to see how many you get right :thumb:


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