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Parker: Why he is bombing forward..

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I've been lurking other forums and have seen Parker hate re him running forward with the ball and running into traffic.  People joking about his 360's etc and lack of penetration in the final third:


It's tactics.  He's drawing midfielders and defenders to him by hanging onto the ball.  Bale, Lennon etc are being double marked and he's trying to free them up.  He hasn't suddenly decided he is Zidane.


Just wanted to get that off my chest:  His final pass is a difficult one because he is being pressured, and he has the guts to do this thankless task.  

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Parker is simply not good enough to make forward runs. He doesn't have the passing ability. He should sit back and Dembele should bomb forward. They haven't got their balance right yet, and playing Dembele on the right wing hasn't helped either.




But IMO this is an AVB issue and not a Parker issue.

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