4 days before the season starts – here are my 4 predictions


It’s an exciting time to be a Spurs fan. What I’ve seen this transfer window I haven’t seen before. We’ve smashed our transfer record twice – once on a 28 year old striker who is not a typical Levy signing. There is an upbeat mood (if you ignore the Bale speculation – and it is just that – speculation) with optimism for what this season could hold in store.

Is there any time for a better investment? A time for a better gambit? I don’t think so. With three of the top four managers changing we are in a stage where we’re coming off our largest points haul. We have a new team formation to be bedded in which has given amazing results for our manager everywhere he’s been able to implement it. And we’re still buying.

So, as we’re about to kick off our season I thought I’d give you my 4 predictions for the season:

1. We’re going to sell a lot of players…

I’m talking a massive overhaul. I’m saying that anyone who doesn’t fit the system, anyone who doesn’t have the level of skill to almost walk in to the first team based on their ability and what formation is being played is gone. I trust Levy to get incredible sums of money for players – but I think something will have to give. The way that they are currently working they need to free up money for salaries which means that they will have to go. Expect a lot of players leaving in the last week in the window

2. There will be a new striker

We will lose Defoe. I thought at the beginning of the window that it would be Adebayor that would go – but now I’m convinced it’ll be Defoe. More people are in for him, Adebayor will want someone to match his crazy wages. But it’s more than that – I think that he suffered a little for not having VDV behind him last season and it knocked his confidence. I think he’s dangerous on his day and I think if he can regain his form he’s an asset. We will get a new striker – someone younger who we can develop and offer us something different. I’d love someone like Hernandez – can we find someone like that? I think Baldini can.

3. We’re going to qualify for the Champions League

Not really a bold statement. I’ll go one further – I think we’ll comfortably finish third. I think our aspiration should be to aim for the title not to finish fourth. Easier said than done? Not really. Harry wasn’t a million miles away when he said we needed characters in the dressing room – people who had that winning mentality. Are we going to try and get Beckham to train with us again? I think not, but I think the winning mentality will be evident this season. And we’ll go for broke to match our aspiration – we will get third as a minimum this season.

4. Bale will stay

He’s not going anywhere. We’ve matched his ambition so far with the signings and whilst we’re maybe not building a team around him, we’re buying quality players that can be as good as he was last season. Soldado and Paulinho are just two examples of this. I’m actually glad we’re not building a team around him – we have an excellent spine to the team and that’s what we should focus on. To everyone saying that we’re spending the money that we will get for Bale – I disagree. When has Levy ever done that? It’s not even a good strategy on paper. He’s staying. Put him in your fantasy football team.

So I can’t wait. It’s going to be amazing. But am I crazy? Do you think I’m right on all points or maybe I’m just an overly optimistic Spurs who says the same thing this time every year?

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below…

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  1. I am not so sure on the Bale saga but i do believe Spurs can win the P.L this season.Great new signings and if we were to add another centre forward please let it be Leandro.

  2. there will be no more strickers that is for sure
    third place? i think not but fourth i can agree
    Bale is gone of that is clear no mistake, now thinks the world is at his feet but as yet is to prove his self

  3. I think you're wrong, we've agreed to let him go but have been let to spend the money first so the new boys coming in aren't at increased prices.

  4. 3rd is stretching it without Gareth Bale.

    A period of transition will cost Spurs points early season.

    If Bale goes I expect a strong 2nd half of the season and 6th in the league.

    Spurs might pick up one of the cups this season too.

  5. Interested in the "comfortable" third place prediction. For me Chelsea and City will be a way in front in the top two placings. Then its down to what Moyes does for the third place battle. If he doesn't get it right then third is up for grabs between us, Utd and the Woolwich Wanderers. If he does get it right then you'd imagine they would take at least third. Leaving us and the goons vying for fourth. With or without Bale I think we can take fourth from them, finally. But I expect it to be very tight, despite what people may think…

  6. down under spur says,i agree with all your predictions,but its all about how quickly the team gels ,plenty of goals ,solid at the back ,its all positive COYS.

  7. I don't mind Bale going – I think the TEAM will be better off now without him. I do mind the way he is starting to "throw tantrums" threatening never to play for us again – this is obviously what the tapping up has done – by all accounts he has been pressured by certain people close to him. He has done a lot of good for Spurs and himself, I hope he doesn't leave us with a bad taste in our mouths. A question I would like to ask him is he has got a patent on his "finger heart" he used in celebration – he pointed that heart at the fans – is he going away not loving us anymore?

  8. Agree completely

    Keep bale, And we have a starting 11 i beleive can actually challenge for The title.

    And should be aiming that high.

    We have whats looking like a v.strong squad with quality players available to Come in And wrre starting to see The start of The exodus today (parker, livermore And hudd)

    We also have some real talent waiting to step up such as tom carroll,

    Not to mention andros townsend who im predicting is gonna have a breakthrough season.

    Lennon should be looking over his shoulder.

  9. We need to strengthen in defence, otherwise we ain't gonna win anything – and if Defoe goes, then we will certainly need more cover up front too! If Bale does go (and he has supposedly said he doesn't want to play for Spurs again), and if he does go, then he will be a huge loss. OK, we have cover, but not of the same class – so I don't think we'll win the league this year – Champions League qualification perhaps, but no more than that.

  10. Brian – I think all the tantrum crap is just media BS, I think we might get a spare winger ( Lamela) and Capoue which can play either defensive mid or CB and we will be using Bale as a roving striker. I am not sure we need anyone else. I cannot remember a time when I could say we are this close to having a full young (almost) fit team/squad. There are so few weak links … LOL as Spurs fans we will find them though …

  11. I totally agree on all points. I don't think Bale will go – but even if he does I think we're in a better position before the start of the season than we have been in many years. The only way Bale will go is if he puts a transfer request in, if he wants to go that badly he'll do it in the next week or so.

  12. I think with the team we need them to hit the ground running, we cant afford to drop points early on, Bale, I wish for it to be resolved before Sunday 1:30, if hes sold, then go, if your staying then release a statement, silence is so painful and helps nobody.
    I really dont think any of the usual suspects are dead certs for the top 4, Man Utd -No Fergie this could matter, Chelsea -Mourinho its been a while and he still has the same old backbone of Terry and Lampard, Man City – have great players, but are they a team?? Arsenal – Surely will do what they always do, no high profile buys yet churn out the same old, same old. Its gonna be interesting.

  13. I think with the team we need them to hit the ground running, we cant afford to drop points early on, Bale, I wish for it to be resolved before Sunday 1:30, if hes sold, then go, if your staying then release a statement, silence is so painful and helps nobody.

  14. We're more likely to sell ade than defoe. AVB said recently in an interview that JD and Sigurdsson aren't going anywhere, and that Jermain is a "hero at the club". I'm expecting Parker, Huddlestone and Livermore to leave definately and perhaps BAE and Gomes.

  15. Here's my one prediction:
    If Bale stays, and Sandro can get last season's form back, there's no reason we can't win the league!
    We're gonna win the league,
    We're gonna win the league,
    And now you gotta believe us………..

  16. I don't mind Bale going. I agree about Ade, he'll be good again. It's so hard to find a a striker that is good enough and will not cause a scene when he's on the bench for 4-5 games.

  17. Bale will stay as the season starts next week , he is injured , and no club with any financial sense would risk that amount of money under those circumstances . The new UAFA Financial regulations come in next year and Madrid still owe us money on Modric deal. They will be scrutinised next year and Ancelotti would not include Bale as a regular withso much doubt ahead of new rules with the Chairman already under Financial scrutiny .
    Believe me I am a Financial Legal Regulator in London ( and a Spurs Season Ticket holder ) – Big John , City

  18. I think bale will stay because there is no concrete evidence that he said he wants to leave other than marca who work for real Madrid anyway. we need to buy eric lamala he has great vision and an eye for goal. and bring in alderwiel and then I think we could win the league easy.

    man unt aren't buying anyone good van persie will dry up half way through the season.3rd

    man city will be 4th in my opinion they have bought 2 new strikers to add to aguero and dzeko but theres no shape to the team they will have navas on one wing knocking balls in but they don't have anyone to do it on the other side meaning they will have no balance to the team. and sooo many CM fernandinho alright, yaya toure getting old, barry SHIT, rodwell doesn't suit there style of play, neighther does garciaand david silver lacks goals. yep 4th place.

    Chelsea will finish 2nd

    spurs will only finsh 1st if we sighn alderwiel and lamal:)

    arsenal are in the crapper this year 5th

    liverpool were out of it years ago

  19. In all this I think we have forgotten just how good the team was when Sandro and Kaboul were fit last season. With or without Bale there are not many teams who will think we are a soft touch this year!

  20. can i ask , is it actually known that Bale has thrown his dummy out? ive not seen anything to say he has. also from all accounts he has a very level head , and feet firmly on the ground? i actually have to agree that Joe has finally had enough and is pushing the club forward now rather than loose Bale next year without the players to replace him and others! Confidence is high and lets hope that it pushes us to the dizzy heights of the champions lge and a cup or 3 , PL is i think achievable , but competition is fierce to say the least . Other than that ……COYS…..

  21. bale should show some loyalty to us as we stood by him when he was a laughing stock in his first 20 odd games the club and staff have made him the player he is today personally dont think he will fit in at madrid they certainly wont give him the time we did and he is not in ronaldos league and that is who he will be compared to

  22. Matt, you are retarded! No strength in depth with another 1 or 2 signings we will have quality competing for every position over the pitch. You are a fucking spastic.

  23. I don't mind whether Bale stays or goes as long as we know the answer before Sunday so it is not unsettling the team. If he stays he gives a different dimension to the team, if he goes we have a team of 11 players on the field rather than GB and 10 others.
    Adebayor must go. BAE must go. I would rather see these two leave than see us sign anybody else.

  24. I was thinking at the end of last season that Bale would leave if we didn't match his ambition during the transfer window. Having actually gone out and spent some serious cash, and 3 of the top 4 from last year changing their manager I really thought Bale would stay, hopefully he still will!! Surely this is one of the best chances we've ever had to make a bid for the title and to do really well in all 3 cups, you would think that Bale would want to give it a go before moving on? Hopefully AVB and Levy are asking him to give us one more year to see how it goes and if we don't achieve any success this year then we'll shake his hand and wish him luck at his new club. We have stuck by Bale through his good times and bad times, helped him become a world class player and given him a new contract with a huge pay increase every summer since he broke in to the 1st team and I think he should remember that when making a decision on his future. Hopefully he'll stay and we'll have a fantastic season…….COYS


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