How long is the future? Is the future not now?


As an eccentric spurs supporter I am always happy when we are signing young players to develop our future and this looks to have happened with the recent reports regarding Tin Jedvaj and Alen Halilovic (above) from Dinamo Zagreb for a combined fee of £15 million.

I am especially excited when doing research on these players and having typed in Alen Halilovic’s name on YouTube, the first video to appear was “Alen Halilovic – the New Messi”.

Now here come my concerns. How much money have we got? Is the money spent wisely and will we still have enough for our main priority – a striker.

Everybody knows Levy is a shrewd businessman and I am often (like many spurs supporters) frustrated with how our usually last-day deals become our only part of our spending.

This appears to have changed with the recent signings of Paulinho and the two Croatian youngsters (unconfirmed by Tottenham Hotspur). I for one, have grown to love AVB – his passion, his desire and his project? In my eyes these signings have all come from him and his desire and belief for our club. But… Is £15 million on two youngsters – who will be loaned back to Dinamo a positive buy? We still require a striker and with a reportedly 32 million already spent how much do we have for that finisher?

I am only of the concern that we require Champions League football next season and top 4 is a must. I think another 2-3 years of missing out on the best competition in football and “the project” will be over. £15 million could have got us, or gone towards a clinical striker and it being the difference between 4th and 5th place. In my eyes the future is now!

I hope that Levy is providing a bottomless pit of money and all my concerns are erased come the start of next season.

In AVB we trust. In Tottenham we trust.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Well maybe the owner Joe Lewis has decided now is the time to spend some dosh. Maybe these young signings are separate to our budget for current needs. Hope this is the case. He is a billionaire afterall. I could turn out to be very shrewd indeed as long as we also buy a couple of top strikers. Maybe Joe has just realised that he aint gona live forever and cant take the money with him.

  2. doesn't sound like a lot of trust there at all.. but I believe the deals for the kids, if that is the value – although I think it may be exaggerated – it will be over a period of time and will be paid for bit by bit out 9of budgets over the next few years (possibly depending on performances etc.)

    I do trust them and pleased we have done some early business… like with Modric… we need to buy for the future and the present as we need to find the world stars of the future as we can't afford world stars of the present!

  3. Well in my opinion Levy with his shrewd mind of his knows that now is the time to start spending money on players. If you take player sales which could be the likes of Hudd, Livermore, Adebayor, Gomes, Parker and maybe Dempsey that's close to £20 right there depending on how much people go for, coupled with the wages too that's a lot of money cleared up to spend and if he takes a hit this season and things go tits up and we don't make champions league we sell Bale next year and make up for losses. I'd hate to see Bale go but I really think this year we'll sign the right players and go on to make a very strong case for 4th or 3rd. There's plenty of time yet and hopefully the signing of Paulinho is a message to Spurs fans.

  4. Who is currently our best player by a million miles? What age did we get him at? Could we afford that player now if he was at a different club? We will never be able to buy superstars so we have to gamble and hope they turn into ones!

  5. We still have last years transfer budget to spend as well as this years budget. Midric and VDV paid for all the signings last year. Its reported we have 50 million 2 spend with players being sold as well the budget could be even higher. Its going to be a interesting summer if thr right signings we can challenge for the title next season

  6. Joe Lewis, de facto owner of Tottenham Hotspur, has a reported net worth of 2,800,000,000 GBP. Contrary to some of the erroneous assertions or suppositions in this article, our chairman, Daniel Levy, doesn't supply the transfer funds, the viability of our club is not dependent on Champions League money nor are our player acquisition capabilities dependent upon revenue streams generated by the club.

    I would hope that the septuagenarian Mr Lewis, (age 76), being a highly shrewd businessman and having realised also that time is not on his side, has had an epiphany with regards to our notoriously intractable transfer policy and decided that the best way to achieve his and ENIC's master plan for our beloved club is to back the most able manager we have had since Bill Nick to the hilt, in constructing a team that can not only achieve a top four place, but challenge for the title.

    Additionally, having seen the tangible benefits both in team building and on the balance sheets, to be made by investing in highly talented young players such as Carrick, Berbatov, Modric and most especially our current superstar (Gareth Bale), I would surmise that Lewis has instructed Levy to give our new director of football, Franco Baldini, an entirely separate and substantial budget to invest in acquiring some of the best young talent from around the globe to be nurtured for the future.

  7. Joe Lewis did not like Harry R. He tolerated him but wouldn't give him carte blanch on who comes and goes. After his court case and courting the FA for the England job, Mr Lewis said enough was enough and instructed Daniel to let him go. AVB was a triumph for Daniel and now Joe is firmly behind AVB as an intelligent bright young and very talented young manager. With the smart appointment of Baldini, primarily for his contacts which are second to none, Joe is now prepared to push the boat out to take pressure off his business protégé (Daniel) and launch Spurs into a new and successful era. PSG did us a great favour in suggesting AVB would fit in with them. I think we will see quite a few millions changing hands over the next 3 weeks.

    • I agree with you. I think that was definitely the case with Harry's departure, the word is that it came from Joe Lewis, not Levy. I also think, especially if one includes the considerable extra TV money available this season, which can be invested "gratis", that there will be substantial investment to back up AVB and Baldini. I expect north of 50 million GBP to be spent on 4 first team international quality players (Paulinho, Villa, plus 2 more) and a similar number of outstanding young talented prospects (Halilovic, Jedvac and a couple of others). I expect Huddlestone, Gomes, Livermore, BAE, Naughton and Parker to depart, to help balance the books, plus Adebayor, as long as a second striker can be signed to replace him. The end result should be a much stronger team than last season, especially factoring in the return of Kaboul and Sandro, plus some world class young talent to develop.

  8. I’m glad my first article went off with somewhat of a bang.. It’s being a Spurs fan. Worry comes natural. People appear to understand where I was coming from and I’m pleased with the reaction which has been taken on board (excluding the top comment) ha … Coys :) thanks anyways.

  9. “Hudd, Livermore, Adebayor, Gomes, Parker and maybe Dempsey that’s close to £20 right there”

    I’ll take them for £20……


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