And that was that!


I’m finally back in the real world after my fishing trip to France, and after what seems like a season that was never gonna end, it did.

As I sat in our lodge on the Sunday afternoon watching the final 20 minutes of our season coming to an end my eyes were fixed on Garth Crooks. His squirming in his seat, the leaning forward, the halfway position between sitting and standing only to slump back into his seat when an attack ended with nothing, and with time rapidly running out both at the Lane and up North my nerves started to get the better of me because the more Garth squirmed the more I tried to laugh it off. Then “Yesssss” he shouts, so I know we’ve scored, even before Gabby says “Oooo theres been a goal at White Hart Lane” instantly I’m not even interested in who has scored or how they scored it because my attention has now turned straight to watching the original monkey’s head Martin Keown, I’m waiting for him to show me a sign, to shout Nooooo, but nothing. As much as i stare him down through the T.V with what can only be described as a Superman glare, nothing happens, not a bloody thing, “Nothing”

And that was that.. All over.. “Again”

I sat watching the live feeds coming through at the final whistle and there’s Levy in full shot on our T.V screen. Now I don’t know if you saw it but it worried me, he didn’t know what way to look? Who to turn to? Yeah he’s disappointed just like the rest of us but it wasn’t that, although he was clapping he himself looked a very worried man.

At “That” moment, right there the enormity of missing out on the Champions League just hit home. Levy had just realised he’s now in a position he really didn’t want to be in. Like “where” do I raise the 30 40 50 or even 60 million quid Andre and the fans are gonna demand in order to stop this end of season after season emptiness?

Because unlike the past few seasons Levy has been lucky enough to be able to bring in decent players by using the money generated through the “sales” of some of our bigger players, not once have the club or owners had to raid the bank account in order to buy. Over the last 2 or 3 years Tottenham and Enic have got away with spending only money they’ve received. We have only ever replaced who’s left yet “Never added” to who was already there enhancing the side and the squad, and that’s why we’re short in depth, that’s why we as fans are constantly asking for strikers, and that’s why we keep missing out.

Levy stood there clapping in the stand but looked more like an accused man in the dock, it was as if he felt like all 36,500 pairs of eyes in the ground were looking directly at him and asking “what now then Dan? This can’t keep happening?”

As in my previous articles I’ve said Levy, Enic and the board have done a fantastic job securing the financial security of our beloved, and I’ve also said people forget that Enic are at the end of the day a business, but not just any business, an investment company.

An investment company acquire a business or project (Tottenham Hotspur) they believe they can then increase it’s profile, customer base and turnover in order to then be able to sell on at a profit.

An investment company will happily spend large sums of money on said business or project (New training Complex and Stadium) in order to further “increase the profile and value” to be able sell on at a profit.

An investment company “dose not” spend large sums of money on risks and gambles (footballers) on the hope (Champions League) that it just “might” all turn out rosy in the end.

And that’s why Levy looked worried, as this year he knows he doesn’t have anyone in our squad that could generate the large sums of cash needed. The likes of Gomes, Bentley, Gallas, Livermore and even Kyle Naughton wouldn’t scrape together £10 to £15 million between em?

However we all know there is someone who would? This year’s Premier League Player Of the Year.

Levy knows full well the fans see Bale as a different prospect to that of Berbatov or Modric, both those players turned their backs on the Club, caused unrest and made it more than clear they wanted out, and as good as they were we all said “stuff em – get rid” however Bale to date has said nothing of the sort and because of this the fans would demand he stays.

Yet not only demand Gareth stays, but would also have the right to demand we bring in some top players that will finally enhance the side, and then be able to compete at the top level.

Levy knows the fans know this is how he’s been operating these last 2 or 3 years, and we’ve let him get on with it and stayed largely off his back. Yet because of the all the above he also knows this summer will be a big one, he will either have to sell his biggest “asset” in Bale in order to generate the required funds to improve the side OR finally dip into the bank and spend some of that hard earned profit that’s been building nicely these last few years.

Either of which any investment company wouldn’t like to do.

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  1. i'm not a levy fan cause this is the third season he's not brought a forward at Christmas and the team has missed champions league because off the lack of goals!
    but please get your facts rights enic/levy did in 2004 invested £20m in the club to buy new players via a new share issue

  2. spot on great article it would have been nice at the final whistle to see levy phone in hand( hello joe its me dan,,
    ,,,,joe replies: dan i thought we agreed you are to never call me on this number unless,,,dan interupts:yes joe there onto us,,,,joe we need to talk……….

    Sick to death of it to be honest. We have a blindingly good season with a squad that was probably due to finish 6th or 7th and all of a sudeen we're going backwards?
    Reactionary knee jerk idiocy.
    We are progressing, FACT.
    What people fail to realise is we don't have an endless supply of transfer budget and wages like some clubs and have to be shrewd and tactical AND WHAT MANY PEOPLE FORGET, PATIENT!!!
    Keep the faith, we're a couple of good signings away from suprising everyone and mounting a serious challenge.
    Even if we sell Bale, we are not going backwards. Every player has his price, no matter how good they are or how badly the fans want to keep hold of said asset, FACT.

  4. Levy could still take a calculated gamble this season, and I think he might actually do that. He knows that he has a marketable asset in Bale that is worth anything from £60-80 million pounds. He know how much having such a marketable asset is worth in sponsorships money and he would be crazy not to try and attract extra sponsorship money from Bale's success. In addition we have the extra money coming from the new TV deal, which I believe will be up to an extra £20 million. Therefore I don't think it is unlikely that Levy might get the purse out this season and provide £20-30 million new money in addition to money that can be achieved from selling fringe players. By taking a calculated gamble by providing some new money and sign a couple of class players he know there is a good chance that we will get the much covered Champions League place and thereby recouping the money from a Champions League run and the increased sponsorships that will attract. Should we not reach the Champions League he knows that in Bale he has a marketable asset worth between £60-80 million that he can then sell and still recoup any of the new money he had laid out and the fans cannot blame him for not investing and cannot blame Bale for wanting to leave. Looks like a no win situation to me

  5. Think FFP will ultimately be policed properly. In England that should reign in Chelsea and Manchester City somewhat. Spurs will then have a real chance of regular top 4 finishes, based on good management both on and off the field. I think the future for Spurs could be the best since the 1961-1991 years of trophy gathering. Patience is a virtue.

  6. Think FFP will ultimately be policed properly. In England that should reign in Chelsea and Manchester City somewhat. Spurs will then have a real chance of regular top 4 finishes. The future for Spurs is bright with the best chance of trophies since the 1961-1991 period.

  7. Always love seeing the replies to my articles, and always thank every 1 of you, so thanks.
    However doesn't mean we have to agree.
    Firstly Tommy, you mention facts, I didn't mention anywhere in this piece about Enic not putting money in as long as 9 years ago? But I did mention the last 2 or 3 years.
    Kurt, you say patience, mate I've been patient since 1981, and my dad has been patient since 1962, how patient do we need to be. Yes we've a new manager and tbh I do now like him, but know one can deny we do need some investment.
    Lasse, I agree with you totally, I said in a previous piece I wrote that we could of signed Mouthino and or Wesley S and a striker in jan qualified for the CL and got all that money back. Also keep saying surely it's better to strengthen now coz 1 day Bale will leave and we will already be in a better position to cope when he does!

    Thanks every 1

    Ps as for Doom and gloom,
    Sorry but losing out in the top places year after year I don't find either fun or attractive..

  8. Those whom the gods destroy, they first make mad! Maybe that's what's happening to Tottenham and us, the fans.
    We must have done something to offend them. Maybe we take too much 'glory' from them in our noble failures, and they dish out their fortune to the bland, the rich and the predictable. One season of CL quarter final glory ..far better than that mustered by Arsenal and City in all their recent CL campaigns ..yet we've been denied gracing that competition two years running by a combination of bad luck last year, and not replacing a top playmaker, and buying a top striker, this year! No wonder we're all driven mad ..seeing yet again a great squad being squandered! Seeing top players (Bale apart) prevented from being their best by the obvious lack of two major parts. Parts that would make this squad seamless and even better than what Sir Alex called the best footballing team in England for around 4 or 5 months of the 2011/12 season. That new dawn simply evaporated the day Capello resigned, Harry beat his tax charge, and then turned his glittering eye away from the loyal support his club had given him throughout that ordeal, and towards the England chalice!
    If you're listening, ye gods, Levy lies prostrate at your feet. Give him the strength to resist the harpy hordes who seek to lure our Super-Bale away, and instead show him visions of the great striker and playmaker in lilywhite!


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