Bale: Tottenham will always have a place in my heart


Gareth Bale says he would not have turned down a move to Real Madrid even if Spurs had qualified for the Champions League.

Bale has called his chance to join Madrid a once in a lifetime opportunity and hopes that Tottenham fans will always remember him fondly.

The Welshman moved to the Spanish giants in an £85.3million deal, which has helped us to bring in seven quality players to bolster our ranks.  The likes of Soldado, Paulinho, Eriksen and Capoue have given us strength and quality which we were badly lacking last season – granted, Bale was a match-winner but now we have more balance in positions.

In an interview with BT Sport, Bale was asked the question if he would have remained at White Hart Lane if we had made it into the Champions League: “It’s once in a lifetime and I don’t think you can turn down a team like that.

“For me I want to be playing (in the) Champions League but also winning trophies.

“At a club like that they’re out to win every trophy they’re involved in. That’s exactly what I want to do.

“When Real Madrid comes in it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think if I didn’t take it I would probably regret it for the rest of my life.”

“The fans have been absolutely unbelievable with me,” he said. “They’ve supported me through the bad times and believed in me.

“The nights they were cheering my name, I will never forget the great European nights at White Hart Lane.”

“They were amazing and Tottenham will always have a place in my heart,” he continued.

“I hope they understand Real Madrid is an absolute massive, massive club and they will understand and respect my decision.”

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  1. No hard feelings (really), but I have moved on already – please don't forget all the ineffective performances along with the good. I can recall a lot a refusing to take on players on the outside and a lot of free kicks in row Z. He may have assisted us with getting the best deal for our money, but I will save my adulation for the likes of Ledley, Steve Perryman, Gary Mabbut and so on. I shall NOT check up on wonderboy's performances either for the crooks in Madrid or Wales, and wish that blogs would similarly forget him and aggregators would dissociate his name from ours. COYS!!

  2. I don't want to think talk or hear about Gareth Bale anymore he's made his choice and he's gone
    yes he played fantastically well for Tottenham and got well payed for doing so
    but soured it all by refusing to train with us he, was happy enough to extend his contract until 2016
    but couldn't get out fast enough once real Madrid came calling, he says he hopes spurs fans will
    understand his decision, well just like Berbetov and Modric before him he went on strike to get his move
    and having done so insulted spurs fans by kissing real madrids badge,so much for Tottebham

  3. What i dont understand is , does he not think that is exactly what Spurs are trying to do ?(win cups) , Yeah i realise we have not done so for a while , but neither has arsenal ! but Ozil still went there . If anything it has been a change of roles between our 2 clubs , they seemed to be going backwards and Spurs are trying to move forward . But obviously you cant write them off . But regarding Bale , he was idolized here , and at Mad-rid he is just 1 of many , and unless he gets games and shows the form of the last few years , then i am afraid he'll be the nearly man and then the forgotten man , a bit like Modders ! ….coys…..

  4. It was upsetting when Bale left, as he's the best player I've seen wearing the Spurs shirt. But I can see why he left, as 9/10 any player would move to one of the world's biggest clubs.

    Even if players were from City or Man U, I'm sure they'd leave for Spain as well.

    Bale shall always be a legend IMO, he helped us beat Man U at Old Trafford, Arsenal (home & away), Liverpool, Chelsea, City and many more. These moments we wouldn't have got if Bale didn't play (or scored).

    I can only hope when he will re-join Spurs when he reaches 30+. We may have moved on then, but like Ronaldo, I'd be quite happy having him back. Plus when he's 30+ we may well be competing for the PL title regularly.

  5. Good riddance. Fed up of the saga. Wasn't even fit enough to play for his country because he went on strike. Like rat boy, do not want him back. Move on!

  6. Im sure you do mr bale and so do most of us. But mine is tinged with disappointment. This transfer points to everything tht is wrong with the current football climate…greedy agents, footballers who only play for themselves and clubs without an iota of decency and morality.

  7. Yeah sure . This sounds familiar . Lets put it this way , you have a loyal partner who adores you and supported you but when a hotter chick comes along You say how can I resist that chick , I will regret not screwing her for the rest of my life but you will have a place in my heart . Save your swallow sentimentalities to yourself pinky boy . You deserves nothing from Spurs fans .

  8. I’m so sick of seeing this guy’s name. It’s all generic player at a new club talk and I wish spurs blogs would stop propogating it

  9. I don’t understand the bitterness toasted the boy. Last season he was unplayable and all of us wanted him to stay. Now he’s gone it’s good riddance? I for one hoe he has a fantastic career over in Spain. Madrid are scum though. The way they’ve behaved with Modders and Bale is nothing short of criminal. They barged through all of the laws Uefa and FIFA put in place regarding tapping up yet nothing has been done. I wish I could believe in the saying you get what you deserve but history shows me that they’ll just carry on and do it again the next time some club spends a fortune training a young player to the level we did with Bale. We did great out of Bale, on the pitch and through his enforced sale and personally I think he’s left on good terms. I hope, if we play Madrid at any point in the future, he’d get a warm welcome back at the lane.


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