Bale or Sale?


I am a big fan of Gareth Bale and there are rumours going round that the club are offering him £150,000 a week to stay. Obscene money in anyone’s eyes, but saying that, it seems to be the going rate in football these days, so in the wrong way we have to accept that.

£150,000 a week will obviously blow the Clubs wage structure out of the water. My concern is that all the other players will want a pay increase – for not getting us in the Champions League – and for any new prospective signing, they will want their cut in the new THFC wage structure.

The question needs to be asked, could this could put the club in financial difficulties. We dont have the income of Man U, Man C, Chelsea or Arsenal and with the new financial regulations coming in, could this put us in crisis.

I am not suggesting this but what do people think about selling Bale for the mentioned £60M and buying 3 Top Class Players for £20M each? Now if that was to happen it might work. However, we have Daniel Levy at the helm and knowing how he works, he would sell Bale for the £60M, buy a couple of players for 10M each and then pocket then rest. You only have to ask youself where all the money went for players such as Berbatov, Bent, Modric, VDV just to name a few.

It worries me as well that we ended up basically a one-man team last season. Being a one-man team certainly does not provide success. A team needs to play as a team. Even taking Arsenal, they dont have any one particular world class star, but they play as a team and again reached the Champions League. Going back a few years, Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest didn’t really have any world class players, but Cloughie got them playing as a team and the won the European Cup twice.

Paying anyone £150.000 a week is a massive gamble, just in case a player gets injured and misses periods of the season, as Bale does every year (being a marked player).

I am not saying what is the right way forward, but what do all you fans out there think? Should we keep Bale, or sell him for £60M and buy 3 top Class players for £20M each?

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  1. I would rather keep bale than to sell him for 60mil , if u sell him u will have to buy players that are fast , able to cross , and able to score , and that is 3 players! And u can only fit 11 players on the pitch , so why sell him?

    • Sell him for min. £60m, & bring in 3 ( at least 2 creative) players. The biggest problem this yr. was they couldn't
      break down defences relying on long range goals.

  2. Levy pisses me off at the end of the day. Yeh the club is a business to him but he lacks ambition with new signings. Needs to sort this out or he can sell up in my opinion.

  3. I'll tell you what I think. I think you are a jerk and I further think you should keep your opinions and stupid articles out of the media. You have no idea what might, or might be going on at WHL so DO ONE, please.

  4. Are you going to get decent $20m players to come to Tottenham if Bale isn't there? Just spending $20m doesn't guarantee you good players – see Downing, Stuart and Henderson, Jordan. Prefer to have Bale and add a striker. Even mostly the same squad with a full pre-season and Sandro and Kaboul back would be fine by me. Townsend should help with wide out depth.

  5. …errr Levy does not pocket the profits from transfers. It goes back out onto new players. Interesting figures on the net spend since 2006: Spurs are 9th highest net spenders behind the obvious richer Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Liverpool. But surprisingly behind the struggling QPR, Villa, Sunderland, Stoke – who have spent unwisely.

  6. An unucle of mine rushed home to tell his dad that Spurs had offered him professional terms but permission from great uncle was refused and uncle Leslie was told to get a "proper job"—–times change—- let Gareth be reminded of the great Welsh wingers in the double team Cliff Jones & Terry Medwin and become another Spurs Legend and take the Team onward & upward !

  7. If they get 60m they can buy fasalh of basle the fast left forward who rang rings around us kevin mirallis of everton, and benteke

  8. I think you should stop smoking crack… as it makes you talk sh*te mate. To say that we are a one man team is to say that sigs, verts, dempsey, dembele, lennon, parker, BAE, dawson and walker are non existent knob jockies, which they are clearly not… plus, there are several games that we won when A: Bale was not on the pitch, and B: he was there, but did not score or assist. People like you would have us believe that Wilkinson won the rugby world cup on his own ten years ago… utter crap mate. Our problem was that Defoe was injured and Adebayor couldn't be bothered… yes, Bale is good, however, had we had two decent strikers for the whole season, strikers who made an effort and scored some goals, we would be 2nd or 3rd rather than 5th… And it wasn't that long ago when Berbatov, Keane and defoe ALL scored over 20 goals each in the same season… SO SHUT UP YOU BIG FAT STUPIUD BOGIE!!!

    • Bale won us 18 points single-handedly by his solo goals (usually providing his own assists too), its not rocket science to subtract 18 from our total and see where we would have finished without him. His free kicks against Lyon at the lane got us to the quarter finals of the EL as well.
      Aside from Vert and Lloris who have been consistently good all season, the others mentioned have been erratic to say the least. Without Bale we'd have looked a mid-table team. Fact.
      We can't take the piss out of arsenal last season for being "a 1 man team" when RVP relied on good service as a striker and then turn around and say "oh but we're not a 1 man team you know, far from it we've got top stars like Parker, Dempsey and Siggy etc." Yeah right; I bet Real Madrid are on the blower right now to levy trying to buy them.

    • My word Mungo, what a bright spark you are. 'Shut up you big fat stupid bogie'. Now that really is intellegent writing. I am sure everyone on here cannot wait for your next sylable.

      Many years ago, the word Mungo meant the person was unfortunately 'Backward' or 'Brain Damaged', Reading what you have put, i believe you certainly have the correct name.

    • I dont mind you castigating me and even trying to be abusive to me as your little intellect allows you, but please please dont call me 'Mate'. Perhaps you dont have any mates and want to be mine, but i dont think that would ever happen.

    • Melanie, unfortunately Mungo will not understand what you are saying, he is so unintelligent he would not understand irony or sarcasm. So perhaps i should say it in laymens terms and which he might understand.

      Mungo, you are a fucking idiotic thick twat bogie

  9. I absolutely hate all this 1 man team rubbish, it's pathetic. Has no one ever heard about playing to your strengths, if you have a world class player in the team then it's obvious let him do his thing. It's good tactics to get the ball to your best player. I know we relied a bit on Bale this season and he scored so many late (wonderful) crucial goals but who cares. People talk as though we should be ashamed that we've got atop top player playing and that we should only give him the ball twice a match. When RVP scored all arsenals goals it didn't make them a 1 man team they just used their best asset. How many top saves has LLoris made and tackles daws and vertonghen have made that wasn't bale. As for the pay rise I would pay him it in a heart beat what are we talking half of adebayors wage yep done. If any other players moan about wanting a higher wage then simply put in their contract when you make team of the year, PFA player of the year, Football writers player of the year abd BPL player of the year you shall have it. The only other person who deserves a slight raise is vertonghen because he got actual recognition by being in the team of the year

  10. this he scored 18 goals so subtract that and work out where we would have finished is absoulte bollocks. If you do that, before you work out where we would have finished you have to surely at least subtract the goals of the top scorers of the other teams. Even then it ios nonsense because how do you know how the person that , so I am afraid it is probably harder than rocket science.replaced him, probably playing in a different formation would have performedd, so I'm afraid its probably harder than rocket science

  11. Everyone is missing the point of the article. It has nothing to do with whether Cheeky or anyone else thinks we are a one man team, the guy is isimply asking if we should sell Bale for £60M or not. ( As it happens, ALL the Media – Newspapers and Sky etc ALL say we were a One Man Team, so why do other idiots question that ).

    For my opinion I think we should keep Bale and get Levy the Tosser to put his hands in his pockets and strenghen anyway. Keep your best players and try to add to the squad.

    A really great piece Cheeky, and take no notice of the wankers who condem what you write, if they had any intelligence they would be writing articles themselves, but obviously cant put 2 words together.

  12. I think it's a great Blog, and has certainly got people talking. Yes Dave is right that we should'nt take notice of the pricks on here, and good on you Cheeky for saying it as it is.

    I quite like Dave's idea of keeping Bale and spending some Millions on some other top quality players, but Levy is so tight, it wont happen.

    Also, no-one has yet said where they think all the money from the sale of Bent, Berbetov, Modric, VDV etc went !!!!

  13. I am not surprised Mongo and Ripper have not made any other reply, what a couple of tossers they are. So now we have got rid of the fucking idiots, at least we may now be able to have some intelligent argument.

    I think we are all big fans of Bale, but we should never be a One-Man team, and although some make the important point that Lloris, Vertonghen were stars for us, Bale was the main man – which is why he won so many acolades during the season.

    It really is stick or twist on Bale. If we keep him we still have to buy and strengthen the squad while getting rid of the deadwood, and if we sell him, then we need 3 or 4 real Top Quality players, not just 2M players like Holtby etc.

    Levy is the problem. Unfortunately he would never look on a site like this, so he obviously does'nt realise how despised he is by the fans.

  14. If he stays on for next season the only way he stays any longer than that is if we contend for the league title. Do I think that's impossible? No, but it certainly isn't likely. My biggest concern is the 50 mill release clause rumored to be included in his contract extension. Not only can we sell Bale for more than 50 mill, but having that release clause in there makes it easier for a BPL team to snag him. If 4 or 5 teams put in a bid that triggers Bale's release clause next summer, and Bale decides he wants to take his talents to Old Trafford I will be furious. Basically we would be getting underpaid for our most valuable asset so he could go to an in league opponent and terrorize us for years. I love Bale, but there is no way that another year of him is worth a scenario like that. If the 50 mill release clause is the only way we can keep him sell him now for 60.

  15. if gareth bale goes no other top players will go white hart lane.adebayor needs to go hes had long enough to show what he got a scored one good against the chelsea mugs.defoe is much better and get someone else in stead of adebayor.and for scott parker better go aswell.he to out of season we can get champions league if david levvey pulles his finger out and spends money.avb is a good manager but harry rednapp is a great.davids fault we didnt finsh higher.

  16. Sale or Bale ? What a great article. I am in both camps. On the one hand i think we should keep Bale as he is a great player and we need to keep our best players and add to our squad. On the other hand we could sell him for £50-£60 million and buy 2, 3 or 4 good players which we also need. The only problem there is will good players come to Tottenham. I would say thanks to Daniel Levy the answer to that is No. So, Sale or Bale ? yes great article but no real answer to it.

  17. Bale should not be sold at any cost yeah he will get an increase in wages rightfully so but you have the likes of bentley leaving for free so you just transfer those wages into bale's and hey presto problem solved and dead wood removed from the club cushty.

  18. I agree with Cheeky about the club wage structure will be blown out of the window. What with the new stadium due to be built and wages going up, and what with no Champions Leage once more, what do the club do, hike season tickets YET AGAIN. I dread to think how much they will be the following season when again we are not in the champions league, more wages will be paid, the stadium is well on the way, and Daniel Levy sitting on hin arse watching us true supporters suffer.

  19. I think we must keep Bale, but have a Sale of all the deadwood we still have at the club. We still need to buy more quality if we are going to get anywhere near the Champions League next season.

  20. Don’y sell gareth bale,donm’t listen a real madrid your carrier in your hand bale ,spurs is the bigges’t football club in the london and EPL the money is nothing we love bale and tottrnham hotspurs you will hard to compettion in there add so many challence ronaldo,di maria,mesut ozil,benzema,higuain,Barcelona .you can’t grow up in there ,my hope for gareth bale is not for sale !and let him stay in london,”Money is nothing” .I trust you bale we are familly forever .!!


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