Carlton Cole training with Spurs


Carlton Cole’s agent has revealed the striker is training with Spurs after failing to join Saint-Etienne.

The striker left West Ham United at the end of last season and had been tipped to move to France, but the move fell through and the player returned to England.

After signing Roberto Soldado earlier today for a club-record transfer fee, hopefully AVB is just helping Cole out by training with his Spurs squad to gain some fitness in order to secure a move elsewhere. Hopefully AVB will use Cole’s aerial strength as practice for our players to finally defend from set pieces.

Stoke City have been linked with a move for Cole.

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  1. After so many times being told by Levy that Gareth was Not for sale any price, that he was fooled into believing it himself. I wonder how AVB feels about the club chiefs. Does he feel betrayed, and fooled into believing his boss had integrity and honoured him? A few weeks ago it was said that PSG, realmadrid, and i believe possibly Barcelona were wanting AVB as their new manager. He turned them all down thinking that Mr.Levy was a sincere speaker when he told AVB That Gareth Bale the 1 player he was going to build his team around was certain to stay,

    • You plank, everyone has a price. Even Lionel Messi, there is always a figure that becomes sensible to accept. If Levy believes that figure has been reached then he deals. Making a statement one day doesn't mean that that is it and all about it. Wake up and smell the £ notes.

      • Levy as done an excellent job for spurs over many years . We should all be grateful that Bale was our player , that we saw him develop into the great player that he is and wish him well .AVB is our manager and we want him to stay

    • You’re forgetting that the papers are full of bs.. despite praising several of our teams finest assets over the years, they always follow it up with ‘but everyone can see he’s doing spurs a favour; he’s destined for greater things’.. Players and managers alike, they’ve tried setting our best up for a move every season.. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out 95% of sports ‘journalists’ (word used VERY loosely) were Arsenal fans..

    • seriously??? There's not one player in the world who is not for sale; accepting a bid of E100m, let alone £100m is not letting the club down in any way shape or form.
      Historically, Levy not signing a striker has cost us, both the last 2 seasons, lack of fire power has denied us CL football (albeit by Chelsea stealing our place).
      He has broken the bank for Soldado and Paulinho, and Chadli could be the surprise smart purchase of the summer.
      You cannot moan at Levy here and now; I wacthed every single game last season, as a season ticket holder, and either live or on-line away; apart from some notable great performances (namely against Man U away, Liv away, even tho we folded) we played some very uninspiring stuff. We were without a doubt a one man team last season, and would have been 20 plus points worse off without that one man.
      I would rather have a complete squad, than one man; and a bid of that magnitude will go a long way to making that a reality

  2. c'mon u spurs! U2 Mr levy – £86.m bale + alvaro morata striker prodigy wanted! & the £20.m still owed on modric transfer new striker soldado looks good as do paulinho chadli hope we sign CB vlad chiriches lilywhite galacticos!

  3. This money will help AVB build a team. I would love for Bale to stay but let’s not fool ourselves. £85mil would go a very long way in strengthening the team. One player is not gonna make the difference anyway. Hope he realizes the Spanish league is not even top 3 in Europe anymore and comes back a better player to a much better Spurs in a few years.

    COYS. The future is lily white.

    • ….? Spanish League not top 3 in Europe? That's a good one. It does has a problem in allowing the top 2 to make their own rules, but come on….

  4. Agreed. Levy’s done well. Some really top class signings and a world record deal to sell Bale which he couldn’t refuse (especially as the player wants to go). AVB is smart and will understand – let’s just thank Bale for his services, the massive transfer fee and move forward with all this new talent. I don’t think the buying spree is done with yet either!

  5. sick to death of reading about Gareth Bale, no interest in what he is worth, would not make any kind of public statement as to what he wants. Nice way to treat the fans who applauded your every move and paid some of you wages into the bargain. Wonder how AVB feels now

  6. Before everyone launches a crusade against me again, we all need to realise that signing Carlton Cole wouldn't be a bad option. Can you think of a better striker who's actually willing to sit on the bench for the whole season? I thought not. He may not be at Soldado's standard, but is likely to offer more than Adebayor.


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