Cheeky Cockney: Bale can go


Well, the Sale or Bale saga goes on and on and on.

I maybe in the minority here, and i am sure some will not agree with me, but before you all write and castigate what i am saying, just think and count to 10 before having a go.

I am suggesting we let Bale go to Real Madrid.

Yes, there is no doubt he is one of the top 3 or 4 players in the world at the moment, Yes he has so much to offer, and Yes we would miss him (as supporters).

But the point i am making here, is ‘do we really need him’. Firstly, if he stays and he is not happy, will he be the player he was last season. Secondly, if he stays, we are going to have to go through all this again, probably in January in the next window, and then again next April.

All that would happen is that it will affect the club in a big way, and we could once again find ourselves finding more problems off the pitch which will affect on the pitch – which has done with the Redknapp tax affair, Modric, Spagettigate, Fabrice Muamba, etc etc.

Also, look at it another way. We relied on Bale so much last season, and we should’nt have to rely so much on one player. We need a ‘TEAM’ not just one world class player. Bale is a world class player, yet even with him we still could’nt get into the Champions League.

Arsenal do not have any world class players, yet season after season they qualify for the Champions League because as a Team they just play as one.

If we get say £80M for Bale, we could then strengthen the team with 2 or 3 world class signings (if they will come of course), but with a ‘Team’ we may have more chance of getting into the top 4, rather than having one world class player yet we still struggle to get into that top 4 slot.

So, yes i would be very sorry to see Bale go, but at the end of the day, the money we get for him could be a blessing in disguise.

But the one thing i think is most important, lets sort it out one way or other in the next week or so, lets not go into the season still wondering whats happening, otherwise with all that going on behind the scenes, we may blow our chances of top 4 in the first couple of weeks of the season. Lets not have this hanging around our necks at the start of the season.

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  1. I agree with this post. I just want to give us a few things to think about.Gareth is our most important asset and he has forged a great relationship with AVB, and the fans and rest o fthe club. however with the deal that is believed to be touted. Di Maria and Fabio + cash, is to good to be true. (If this is true) would those 2 players want to come to Tottenham and would we want to pay the same wages they are on at Madrid. not fogetting if we get Soldado we still need another stiker. We could find what ever money we make consumed by wages. If we get the cash great. Will all the money go back in to the team ?. Remember theres a stadium to pay for. If most of the money does go back in to the team. Who will AVB get in ? all the top class players have gone. Plus clubs know Spurs will have cash and the prices will be over inflated

  2. I am in total agreement with everything you have just mentioned herein, except for the fact that we MUST insist on 100 million pounds – NOTHING LESS.

  3. I think we should keep bale one more season as we have no good replacements at the moment. Levy should spent this season putting in places deals to replace bale when he does eventually go so we can spend the money wisely rather than overpaying at the last minute of the window this year for players who are average at most. If we can get coentrau and di maria as part of the deal then even better COYS

  4. Totally agree with you Cheeky. I think we should let Gareth go now, as its causing unrest, As you say, get the money and buy 3 or 4 top class players and lets get a team and not just rely on one player. Mel

  5. It's great to have you back for the new season Cheeky, i have really missed your articles over the last few weeks. As always, it seems as though i agree with you. As you say, arsenal dont have any world class players but seem to do it as a team. We probably have better individual players than them, yet we seem to rely too much on Bale. Without him, we may actually be a better 'all round team'. Time will tell of course, but as you say, let him go, get the money and spend it to strengthen.

  6. Yes let him go but only at our valuation and all money up front (as utd did with the sale of ronaldo) no over 2-3 years. Valuation should be 100 million and not a penny less, no players we don't need madrids cast offs

  7. We need to do any deal sooner rather than later. If Bale stays fantastic, if he goes then let's make it happen soon. When left too late it takes a few months for new players to settle and this could be where the fourth spot is won or lost.

  8. I think the time has now come to stop all speculation, does he go or does he stay. I would like him to stay but what happens if he picks up a very bad injury and does not then recover his form! Bad for us as we do not have a functioning player or the cash. Very bad for Gareth as he will have lost out in a very big way money wise. What would you do if you we're in his position? Gareth think of yourself and the future. Best wishes whatever your decision. Mr Levy if he goes you want the full £1000000 in cash and not part exchange players. Let the manager pick what he wants not be obliged to take Real Madrids unwanted.

  9. sell him for £100 million no can we pay you over 5 years all the money up front no deals for there rejects levy we trest bale and his parasite agent we don't let him go hope he breaks him leg and never plays like he did last season we are building a team and don't need anyone who thinks there bigger than our lovely club to dare is to do is the motto bale yours id to dare is to do one you welsh wanker if it wasn't for tottenham hotspur football club you wouldn't be were you are today and isn't it time uafa and fifa did something about Madrid and there tapping up of players this has broke the football rules yet corrupt blanter and platini the English hating c..t never do anything if it was an English club doing that they would be straight onto that club fining them and banning then remember Liverpool got us all kicked out of Europe but Italian clubs and other European clubs get away with it . well bale fook of to Spain hope you rote there and Barcelona win everything in Spain

  10. I'm starting to form the same opinion. If he want's to go let him go but do it early, not on the last day of the window.
    I think the silence from the Bale camp tells us all that he wants to leave

  11. What???

    Such nonsense, i could sit here and pick apart every single detail, highlighting the complete lunacy of every point, but i've only got 20mins left on my lunch break!

    Get rid of our best player, thus making us a better team???

    Cut of my right hand, thus making me more handy???

    I often feel it's the negativity of spurs fans that causes us to fall at the final fence. These pubescent "i never loved her anyway" type responses are indicative of our terrible attitude.

    Surely if you are, who you say you are, Cheeky, then you stood in the stands singing how much you loved Archibald and wished he wasn't going and how they would never love him like we did??? I don't remember any song that went "go if you want we don't need you and didn't love you anyway"

    The reality is we need Bale and to suggest selling him and signing "3 or 4" players like him (i.E. World class) is insane. There are only 3 or 4 players like him in the world and we cant afford any. In fact, the class of players directly below Bale all play in the CL so we've also got no chance of signing any of them. We would end up replacing Bale with Snodgrass and 3 more like him!

    Maybe Campbell's free transfer has tainted us all, but we are better than this bullshit!

    • What an utter Prick you are Lodvic. As Cheeky said, you should have counted to 10 before you put your load of bullshit, but then you are probably so thick you cant even count to 10. Get a life Lodvic and if you cant put anything sensible down, dont put anything.

    • As Barry said, you are a fucking idiot Lodvic. The only 'insane' one on here is you, in fact 'In Seine' (thats the River in case you did'nt know) is where you belong.

  12. Can anybody show me a geuine quote from anyone apart from "Spansh sources" i.e. Marca? Has Bale come out and said to any REPUTABLE source that he wants to leave? Has Levy said anything about a concrete offer from RM? Would either GB or DL tell the press what's on offer? (I mean, would you tell the world what your pay is?) This is all Marca bullshyte, repeated by sensationalist crap British media.
    When the club or Gareth Bale come out and make a statement about what's happening, I'll believe it, until then, it's all repeated Spanish media CRAP.

  13. I also agree with this post. It is getting farcical. Even if Bale stays for the start of the season, he will be gone either in January or at the end of next.

    What is annoying me more than anything is that Bale himself has'nt said a word on the subject. He really should be man enough to let us supporters know where we stand. As it happens, i am getting annoyed with bale himself because of that.

  14. The solution is simple – Real want to play hard ball then I think we should do the same.
    The deal is we will exchange Bale for Ronaldo + £30M Euros.
    No more negotiations – PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

  15. It's difficult to know what to believe but Madrid supposedly don't have it all in cash, players would have to come the other way (though that rarely happens in reality). If he wants to go and the money is right let him, as you say if we don't then it'll start again in January and then next summer.

    The problem I have though is I don't want Madrid to get away with this behaviour.

    Last summer we lost our best player supposedly as well as Van der Vaart. All the pundits were predicting mid-table. Spurs will survive.

  16. Great piece Cheeky and to those idiots who dont agree, simply just look at the facts.

    As Cheeky says, arsenal dont really have any world class players but time and time again they beat us to that 4th spot. Why ? Because they are not a 1 man team. Neither are we, but we rely too much on one man where arsenal dont rely on anyone.

    Keep up the good work Cheeky.

  17. I agree 100% with Cheeky. Also, all these quotes and counter quotes just prove how it is bringing the Club down and getting supporters against each other. The simplest thing would simply be for Bale to Go. And yes, bale himself is not covering himself in glory, but in shit. He should tell us what he wants, in fact should have told us at the end of teh season. So please go Bale ASAP.

  18. Very bored of all the bale talk

    If Madrid want him and he wants to go the price has got to be 80 mil plus and all cash otherwise we r wasting our time. We can’t replace his goals or creativity with money spread over 3 yrs

  19. Brilliant article from CheekyCockney and i think he is spot on. As some are saying, Bale is letting himself down big time. If he is not careful, he will be disliked just as Modric is now. That would be a shame, but his choice if he does'nt say anything. Like the others, i am getting fed up and annoyed with Bale himself.

    • Absolutely definately it will be better for us if BALE stays. If only because it would leave Arsenal crushed when Real turn their attentions to SUAREZ. Arse left with nowhere to go! Game on for Fourth or better.

  20. I thik Bale actually wants to stay but I think outside pressure is cnfusing his head. I don't totally blame him but do think he need to b at down by the club and spken to about what he plans to do next that way things will be sorted once and for all.

    Trying force him to stay if he sees it as a wrong move for his career will make things unsettled, but on the oher hand I think if Bale oes then AVB will leave first oppotunity he gets. Tricky one!

  21. I think Gareth's silence speaks volumes. Another overpaid upstart whose loyalty comes into question. The only loyal people are us supporters. We dont want anyone who does'nt want to play for the Club. So if you dont want to play for Tottenham, just GO Gareth and leave us loyal ones in piece and let us get on with OUR club.

  22. Go Bale, Go Bale, Go Bale. Thats not me saying go on Bale as he strides towards goal, thats me saying Piss Off, we dont want you at the Club anymore if you cant even have the decency to speak out and let us know your intentions.

    Great piece by the way Cheeky, could'nt agree more with what you say.

  23. Thanks for the article Cockney. I agree with some of what you say and not sure about some other bits. I hope he stays and we can build a team around him, but no point in keeping him if he does'nt want anything to do with us anymore. But i do agree with you about arsenal having no world class stars but playing as a team – reminds me of Nottingham Forest under Cloughie – no world class players but simply played as a team. Perhaps with 2 or 3 further players we could be a 'team' again as Cockney says.

  24. Dude you don't let a one in a Generation talent like Bale Go… That Bullshit. We need to establish or self as a Top 4 Champions league team, and to do that u need a leader Wales sucks Club level is all the sucess bale will taste. I've been a Tottenham die hard for 11 years and were finallythere and can be legitimate cocky.Sell parker and Adebayor, start huddlestone, Dempsey and (Holtby/Paulihno) and Lennon, Bale and TBA. 4-3-3 Attacking… #COYS…. Cheers yall

    • Whatever you are on Conway, i want some. Start Huddlestone, he will never be a premiership standard as long as he has a whole in his arse. Saying that, with what shit you have written, you will never be a pundit as long as you have a hole in your arse. 11 years die hard supporter, we desperately dont want wankers like you Conway supporting our club.

  25. Why don't we all just stop getting on bales back we don't no what's happening u lot r trying to hang him before we now what's going on may be the club won't let him say any thing until they have had there say don't stop supporting one of our gr8 players just like that wait until we no the truth all this paper talk is driving u all crazy just wait for the true facts first

    • The reason we are all getting on Bales back is because of his total silence. You say it's all paper talk, which a lot is, but all Bale has to do is go on the official club website and state he wants to Stay with Spurs. If he cant do that and he goes, he will be hated by the fans. So until he says he wants to stay, many Spurs fans will get on his back, and rightly so. The more all this goes on, the more i just want him to Go.

  26. I am not surprised that all (but for one fucking idiot Lodvic) at what Cheeky has said. Cheeky seemed to think everyone would be against him, so hopefully he will be pleasently surprised that most are in agreement.

    What is eminating from all the replies is the contempt for Gareth Bale and his dealing with the matter. And i will join the bandwaggon as i think Bale is in total disrespect for the club but not saying a word on the matter. It is despicable the way he is doing things, and i have to say that the sooner he goes the better.

    He is without doubt a wonderfully gifted player, but no use to us if he does'nt want to play.

    But as seems most peoples thinking now, just Go. We are better off without you if you dont have the heart for the club.

  27. Terrific article Cheeky, and agree wholeheartedly. We do need Bale, but do we want him ? I think the answer is clear from most, NO, we dont want him anymore. The sooner he goes, the better.

  28. Like June says, i am also getting fed up hearing about Bale, so as Cheeky says, lets just get rid of him, take the money and spend it on 2 or 3 top class players who want to play for Tottenham Hotspur. Bale obviously does'nt, so he should just Piss Off to Madrid and leave us in piece.

  29. Fantastic blog Cheeky. I for one have lost all respect for Gareth Bale. He has'nt even had the decency to speak to 'his' so called loyal supporters to let them know his feelings. The sooner he goes the better. He is upsetting everyone, the club and the supporters. So I say to Bale as other people are saying, either piss off, fuck off or whatever, JUST GO. As it appears from on here, 95% of us dont want you at our club anymore.

  30. Thanks for your article CheekyCockney and what a read it is. Agree with you on all points. I agree that Bale should go, we should get the money and spend on a few new players to bolster the team. One player does'nt make a team, yes they can add to a squad, but they dont make a team. The squad makes the team, so lets just move Bale on and then add to the squad.

  31. Sure but then we need to get 2 or 3 world class players. We never replaced modric nor van der vaart last time and then i dont talk position wise but quality wise. We may have now with paulinho and Soldado. If we now sell Bale then we have to do as you say, we need to buy 3 or 4 superb players, but will we? If we do this deal and do buy great players for the money, then we are going the right way, so that i am not against, its more the fear of that we might not. In the long run tho selling bale and getting great players in are only good for us as we get better in more areas and as a strong team, but god knows id love for Bale to stay as well and reach regular CL with spurs.


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