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I have been quite critical throughout the season regarding many things from Daniel Levy, to AVB, to the player’s attitude and contribution, to referees etc, but in the cold light of day I think we have to accept we are simply not good enough for Champions League football.

Firstly, lets look at the facts. There were a number of things that went wrong, but in my opinion there were 5 major things that caused us not to reach Champions League.

(1). Losing the 2 goals in injury time away at Everton

(2). Losing away to Liverpool thanks to a disastrous back pass

(3). Losing at home to lowly Fulham

(4). Taking only 2 points off of relegation threatened Norwich

(5). Relegated Wigan taking 4 out of 6 points from us

I mentioned many times that we struggle year in – year out against poor sides, and as always it has proved our undoing once again. It has happened for as long as I care to remember. Top sides have the odd blip against relegation threatened teams, but Tottenham have major blips every single year.

Secondly, Daniel Levy and AVB. Levy must take a massive share of the blame for not putting his hand in his pocket in January when everyone in football – and those who know nothing about football (by that I mean Arsenal supporters) – knew we needed a striker. We will never know for sure what difference it would have made, but it’s obvious it would have helped. With Ade away in Africa and JD injured, do I need to say more? Regarding AVB, as you all know I was not happy with his appointment in the first place. He didn’t help his cause with his naive tactics early on, and certainly didn’t help his cause when he said in January on TV “we won’t be buying a striker, we are happy to take a chance without one”, Well, he took a chance and as everyone knew it would, he failed. He also said right at the start of the season that if we didn’t reach the Champions League then he would class ‘himself’ as a failure. In that case, AVB you are a failure.

He also has a lot to answer for to the thousands (like me) who travelled to Leeds in the FA Cup only to find that we played with not One Forward on the pitch. He needs to think more about those who follow the club here, there and everywhere.

I said in a later article that I was slowly warming to AVB, and to be honest, I cannot now see why we should not keep him. We do need changes, big changes, but no point in changing the manager again.

Daniel Levy should be the first to go, but he wont. He portrays himself as a Spurs fan, well if as a Spurs fan he wants the best for the Club, the best thing he could do is resign.

With us not reaching Champions League, player-wise, there will surely be a number of changes, some we will agree with and some we dont. Will Bale stay? I doubt it (but obviously hope he does). I also have doubts if players such as Lloris, Dembele, Sandro, Vertonghen will also stay. It makes no difference if they have contracts – contracts only mean we will get money for them if they move on. Then, there are talks about what ‘Top Class’ players we will get in. There are talks about David Villa – we would struggle to get Ricky Villa (and he’s now 57 years old).

Then we have the problems of what players we will keep. Walker, who had a wretched season, must step up to the plate, Lennon who looked a sorry state at the end must improve again, JD & Ade – what will happen to them, BAE was not the same after his injury, Huddlestone will never be a top premiership player as long as he has a hole in his arse, Dawson & Caulker i think could make a top class centre half partnership along of course with Kaboul, Parker, I think has unfortunately gone past his best, Dempsey is not quite good enough and as I said in an article, Gallas can continue walking our of the club and down the High Road.

We do though have Danny Rose and Andros Townsend to return after loans, and a young lad Tom Carroll who looks like he could make the grade.

Somehow though we need to bring in top quality experience, my concern is that they simply wont come. Man U and Man C have 1st choice, Chelsea then have second option, and now the Woolwich Wanderers are set to splash the cash, they will get third choice. We are now well down the pecking order in getting top quality players into the club, and it is a massive concern to me that it will be a number of years before we get another opportunity to reach the Champions League. That may be a pessimistic view, but as much as it hurts me, I do believe it is a realistic observation and iI really dont think there is a great deal of optimism to be had.

Saying all that, for the 40th year running I have renewed my season ticket and will continue to support the club as I have always done. Yes I moan, yes I have my opinions which many agree with and some certainly dont, but no-one can say they have Blue Blood running through their veins more than me – apart from those who have been embalmed.

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  1. ''arsenal are in a downward spiral'…remember who said that? Yes, your naive and greeach manager…. in your faces now!!!!!

    • 10 years ago Arsenal were winning the league and Spurs were finishing in lower mid-table. Now both teams are battling for a place in the Champions League. Sounds like a downward spiral to me.

      • Arsenal maybe in a downward spiral and We may be getting closer to arsenal, but they have still been above us for 18 years on the trot. It is so annoying and frustrating, but until we can get above them the shitty gooners will be looking down on us and laughing.

  2. Regarding your striker comment; no-one could have predicted that Defoe would be so hopeless for the second half of the season and that Adebayor would only show up for the last 5 games of the season.
    Also, who knows what goes on behind the scenes? For all you know Levy could have been working extremely hard to get a striker in – it just didn't happen.
    Also, what have you got against Levy? He took us from a mid-table club to a CL club in about 6-7 years, making clever managerial appointments (Jol, Redknapp, now AVB). Do you want to go back into the Sugar era? No thank you. Have a bit of perspective of how far we have come under Levy before you go telling him to leave the club.

  3. Sorry everyone, but i agree with Cheeky that Levy should go. Yes he does have a balancing act with the New Stadium, but unless we win things and get into Champions League year in – year out like Arsenal, then we will be in cash crisis – unless season tickets and other revenue go up 10 fold.

    I also agree with Cheeky about where the season went wrong, the thing is with Fact's, you simply cannot dispute them.

    A fantastic end of season report, keep up the great work and articles you do for this site.

  4. Yes, levy should go, most of the fans despise him, it's up to us to let him know that. Cheeky is absolutely right in in 5 points which lost us the Champions League, and apart from one year when we made it, it has been the same for many many years. We are not good enough, if we were, we would be in the Champions League. Then the club have the audacity to hike up season tickets. Levy knows the fans will pay because we are the best and most devoted fans ine the World.

  5. I agree with what players we need to try and keep and get rid of. I am 100% agreeing with Cheeky about Huddlestone, he is a waste of time, a player who's long passing is very good, but his short passing is crap, he cant head a ball, he cant tackle and he cant run. Parker is unfortunately passed his best but i would still keep him a squad player. We have Sandro and Kaboul (if they both stay) as basically 2 new signings but we do still need 2 new strikers.

  6. Yep, Huddlestone is utter crap. He thinks he is better than he is, yet as Cheeky says, he will never be a top premiership player. He is like the Dochety's, Livermore's and the others of this world who would make very very good championship players, but are just not good enough for the premiership.

    Also, Cheeky's 5 points are real and to the point, and they are certainly the main reason why we did'nt get Champions League football again this time, and points 4 and 5 – losing points every year to relagation or relagated poor sides every single season – why we wont reach Champions League in the forseeable future.

    It's the Europa League for many seasons to come i'm afraid.

  7. Right On Cheeky. You make some great points and i have to say that basically i agree with your end of season report. Will you be doing a Pre-Season analagy ?


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