Clint Dempsey – Did he win us over?


I think I speak on behalf of the majority of spurs fans in saying that it was somewhat underwhelming that we had signed Clint Dempsey on last summer’s deadline day; especially as fan favourite Van der Vaart was shipped out and a big name replacement failed to materialise despite being linked to the likes of Moutinho. It seemed to me that Dempsey was a panic buy as there was such a big expectation for AVB to sign an attacking midfielder after selling one of our standout players. I was never a fan of Dempsey and the fact he chose to wear the number 2 shirt despite being an attacking midfielder annoyed me further, the disappointment of this signing and Spurs’ slow start to the season had me looking forward to the January transfer window already.

However, in supporting the team you want every player to succeed and so I kept faith in Dempsey and hoped he would come good. His first goal for us will always be remembered to Spurs fans as it was the crucial goal which meant us younger Yids finally witnessed an away win at Old Trafford. However, the easy nature of this finish was obviously not enough to win over the doubters like myself and I went through the majority of season still feeling that although he pops up with an important goal every now and then he was not up to the club’s standard. But remember, a player is always remembered for the goals he scores and throughout the season he netted 7 league goals making him our third top scorer. A last minute equaliser against Manchester United at the lane was another important goal, albeit a goal which many other players in that position would have scored but the point being Dempsey gets into these positions and finishes them well. He is never a stand out player who can dictate a match but his work ethic and passion is something to be admired. It was that work ethic that over the course of the season made my strong dislike toward him weaken; and obviously along with those important goals and assists! The match that really cemented this was against Stoke in the closing stages of the season, his great goal and assist kept the dream of Champions League football alive and it was in that game I really saw him as a Spurs player who I would enjoy to support.

Unfortunately, we all know how the season turned out and there are so many different things to blame for the “failure” that is finishing fifth. We can review Clint Dempsey’s season as a whole and see that he scored some crucial goals in all competitions and his work ethic is admirable, but there are too many games in which he was absent, 7 goals in the premier league is not enough for our third top scorer. My opinion of Dempsey has changed throughout the season and he certainly won me over in the closing stages of the season and I now think he can be a valuable part of the team but I think the part he will play next season should be from the bench. We look to strengthen our attacking options and Dempsey is certainly not a player who we should rely on week in and week out to help us compete with the big rivals despite his hard working attitude.

Going into the summer, any fan would hope to keep Bale and add to the squad significantly, bringing in a striker and hopefully adding Paulinho to centre midfield. Dempsey will be likely to lose his starting place, which is something I would be happy with providing we bring in someone who will finally fill the boots of Van der Vaart or someone who will contribute with a lot more goals. I will then be completely happy to support Dempsey when he comes on to score crucial last minute equalizers! Over the course of the season I have gone from groaning every time I see him on the starting line up to really seeing his value as a goal scoring squad player- now all we need is to add the big name signings!

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  1. To get top four we need players like Dempsey who may not big in first eleven but when asked will give everything, his intelligence off the ball is wasting when playing with Defoe but if we had berbatov or,keane then the goals would have come.
    We lost top four because of we lacked something that Defoe has not got.

      • He cost the club 6m quid, easily doubled that amount for the club in shirt sale profits. He has grown spurs presence for children in England that are fans of him from London to Merseyside. Grown the support for spurs ten fold in the states. Then through no preseason, having his first goal incorrectly ruled offside against Lazio, setting up countless chances for adecantscore and Jermaine to fluff…he goes on to net the winner and equalizer against the manc scum. He has been in great form for the US, with a full preseason he has every chance to contribute a 20+ goal season like he did just two terms ago.

  2. Wow, don’t speak for all of us, speak for yourself please. Dempsey is a winner, and key player. I agree with a tiny peice of this article, but as for the bashing, and racist “Y” words, please do t associate all “Spurs” fans with your nonsense. Thanks

  3. The lack of quality lies w the spurs fans. Bale disappeared from games. Your forwards took a holiday from the whole season. Yet, you fail to see that. Where is vander vaart now? As a forward thinking mid- Clint’s job is to clean up. He does that. I’m not saying Clint is a £40 million player. Is it his fault that he ranked third on league total goals? Did jermaine even score in the second half of the season?

    Spurs fans only support and have faith in the flavor of the last fixture.

  4. I think in his new leadership role as the captain of the US squad, plus ability to not falter under pressure, along with him getting used to playing for a team aiming for the upper 4 of the BPL – we will see a much better Dempsey in the 2013-14 campaign

  5. Having complained about Clint Dempsey from the second I heard about the deal last summer, I still don't have a single good thing to say about the guy. From what I've seen, only deluded Americans who label him world class because he scores handfuls against their equivalent of San Marino and Faroe Islands are still standing in his corner.

  6. How on earth has he won us over?! He is slow has a bad touch, no real position. Can someone explain what he offers? Other than maybe a bit of an attacking presence off the bench. He ain’t getting any younger at 29 so get rid. These are the type of players holding us back and AVB should be seeing straight through them like me

  7. If Clint isn't a top flight player, and he's the best on the U.S. side, then how did the Yanks manage a draw against mighty England at the last world cup and get through the group stage?!? Acceptable responses include: "Maybe Clint is pretty decent" or "England's national squad is overrated." Either way, quit picking on a guy who plays harder than Van der Vaart and just happens to find his way to loose balls and rebounds apparently, just by luck…his whole career.

  8. Its funny to see how much everyone praises AVB, and he still plays Clint in big games. So is AVB off or does he have faith that Clint can produce. I will let you decide. AVB has others to choose from but he puts Dempsey on the field because he works hard on and off the ball. Ohh and He also chipped in with 12 goals in All Competitions with a new team and a new system from a midfield position. English fans always harshly judge American Players….that's just the way it is. Get over yourselves and start supporting the club.

  9. Could go on all day about why we should SELL Dempsey this summer…. Lord knows I have in the past!!!!

    But the simplest question to ask yourselves whilst evaluating Clints credentials, as a Spurs player, is what other team in the Top 4 would consider Dempsey a sub, let alone a starter??? I would suggest none of them. So why should Spurs, especially when we have FAR better alternatives in the Holtby, the ever-improving Sigurdsson and the returning Townsend!

    AVB has done MANY good things during his brief time as Spurs manager, BUT persisting with the extremely LIMITED Clint Dempsey is NOT one of them! If he is not sold this summer, then he MUST be considered a no more than a 'impact player' at the very, very best if Spurs are to seriously challenge for honours next season.

    Decent player, but Spurs need much better than 'decent' if we are to progress. Get rid a.s.a.p!!!

  10. I admit that I am not Dempsey's biggest fan; he's slow, has little creativity, little technical ability, couldn't hit a barn door and is not the best passer. He is pretty good as a striker, but not great as an attacking midfielder.

    However, he is an important player because he scores goals, works hard and has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. 12 goals in all competitions is a good return for CAM, especially with Bale as our focal point. Therefore, I will be happy if he stays, just as long as he isn't in the starting 11.

  11. You all are crazy if you do not believe that Dempsey played an important role in our contention for top 4. He is not the type of player Bale is or Mousa is but he isn't supposed to be. He scored crucial goals at crucial times and he scraps as well as anyone in the club. I hope our roster is good enough next season to where AVB has no choice but to use him as a sub, but it is quite ignorant to state that Dempsey isn't good enough to play for the current squad. Down the stretch I would read many of your starting XI and there were a large amount of you who left out Dempsey because of his nationality. Not many of you gave Sigurdsson enough credit which was also disappointing.


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