The Common Sense Approach to Tottenham Transfers


In view of the notorious transfer hype that absorbs the footballing world at this time of year, one only need look at the last few years to gain a comprehension of Tottenham Hotspur’s usual day to day goings on:

Carrick. Keane. Berbatov. Modric.

These names are synonymous with only one thing in the halls of White Hart Lane; a lengthy, protracted saga which makes Game of Thrones look like an episode of Baba the Elephant.

And given the way things usually turn out, that episode might as well be the one where Baba meets the taxidermist.

Alas, it seems as though this summer has the potential to follow the same course. Conflicting reports are again thrust upon us at every turn, some declaring stay, others, the ever present harbingers of doom, declaring.

I refer of course, somewhat unoriginally, to young Gareth. Will his eye be turned toward the Hollywood lights of the Spanish capital? Only time will tell.

Yet the aim of this article is not to consider that particular chestnut, but rather to consider the impact should he go, the question being whether or not Tottenham shall wither and die like an old month old cabbage leaf, if our own special one departs.

The authors opinion, offered to anyone that genuinely believes this will happen, is that “I will go and get you some crayons”.

Of course it won’t happen! The precedent for this opinion are those last few years, just take a look!

We may not be in the champions league, but hell we were damn close!

Now why oh prophets of doom is this the case, when our squad has been weakened so devastatingly following prior departures? Because we have bought more players!

This occasion seems to be no different, and if we look at our deficiencies from last season, many will say that we lacked a striker, a creative midfielder, a left back, and cover on the wings.

By selling Gareth to Real, we have the very real opportunity to kill three of those birds with one stone- why not Higuain, Di Maria and Contreaou for Bale?

Would that not improve us to a better position than we were last season?

When you combine this with the alleged ‘war-chest’ of £50 million (forgive my cynical chuckle) we have to spend, could this not provide further cover? Maybe in the shape of Marko Marin for cover on the wings and Christian Erikson for midfield?

This may seem like an argument from football manager, but is it really so unlikely. Madrid want Bale, they have excess players that Spurs need.

This would benefit both sides. The other players are obtainable and would cost about £20-25million for the both of them.

Again, this does not seem unrealistic when you factor in other likely player sales.

So it begs the question, would a team looking like this, going to Selhurst Park on day one of the season,really be such a bad thing?


Walker Kaboul Vertonghen Coentrão

Sandro Dembele

Di Maria Erikson Marin


The author says no it wouldn’t!

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When finding time away from the cut and thrust of the courtroom and student exams, Glenn is an avid Tottenham Hospur fan, so apologies for any hint of bias appearing within the articles (But then this is a Spurs site, so what do you expect!) He combines an eternal optimism with an intellectually stimulated cynicism when it comes to his beloved Tottenham, and feels that best piece of transfer business in the last few years was selling Jermaine Jenas for ACTUAL money! An actual fee was paid! He still can't believe it!


  1. Marin has already been loaned out by Chelsea so tats a non-starter.
    Also Levy's primary concern over the coming months / years is the new stadium development which he sees as his legacy and £80m for Gareth will be serious amount o capital towards that project.
    Don't believe for one second that he will sanction the whole £80m or even near to £80m being spend on players.
    The other aspect will be wages – Gareth is on say £100k pw, the proposed new Higuain £100k / Erikson £70k / Di Maria £100k / Coentrao £60k that's a net increase of £230k a week in salaries which he won't sanction. I know I sound pessimistic but also realist me thinks

  2. Only problem is Higuain WOULDN'T come to us because we couldn't offer him UCL nor probably would some of the others; fantasy dead. It's down to the PLAYER where he moves to NOT the selling club.
    Fact is that without our star "1 man wrecking ball" we'd of finished around 8th-10th or just above. We MUST keep Bale because selling him just wouldn't make sense even for £80m (I don't believe that figure anyway). We wouldn't be able to just go and spend that money on replacing him with like-for-like stars because unlike Gareth the vast majority wouldn't want to join a club that hasn't got Champions League.
    I actually think the war-chest of £50m is more likely than these fanciful stories about £80-85m or silly stories about Real giving us a quarter of their team plus wonga. Piffle !


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