Damiao’s agent trying to engineer French move?


Leandro Damiao’s agent has been at it again, this time he has told the press that Marseille would be an attractive alternative to Tottenham.

Press reports have claimed recently that talks between Spurs and Internacional have re-opened in a transfer saga which has spanned over 18 months. The French club are known to have been monitoring Damiao’s progress, but view him as outside of their price range.

We all know how desperate we are to bring in another forward and it looks as if Damaio’s agent Vinicius Prates is doing all he can to engineer a move for his player. There’s no doubt the Brazilian would be a fantastic signing for us, but whether Levy will get him at the price he wants remains to be seen.

“I have not been contacted by Olympique de Marseille,” Prates told Sambafoot.

“The leaders of this team have not made me an offer for my client. In any case, Marseille is a great club with a great history and France is a country where life is good.

“Moreover, the championship of France has become competitive with big clubs like Marseille, PSG and Monaco.

“Marseille could be an interesting club for Leandro Damiao – especially since there is nothing completed with Tottenham.”

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  1. Yeah what a great league the French League is with three good clubs in it. I am sure Damiao would relish playing there…NOT.

  2. Guaranteed he'll not be playing at WHL next year. While Levy is dicking about over a few quid here and there, someone else will snap him up. Levy is an excellent chairman but now is the time to build and that means getting in players early so they can have a preseason with the team and have time to gel, as apposed to his normal tactic of getting in someone cheap at midnight 3 weeks into the start of the season.

    Soooooooooooooooooooo frustrating!

  3. Cited pretty much the 3 french clubs who can pay him stupid wages and earn his agent a fair sized payday!!!!! What a leech!!! Think Spurs should fck this guy off and go all out for Martinez!!! For too long its been on / off he either wants to come or not!!! If he des he best be worth it!!!!!!

  4. So he hasn't been contacted by Marseille, and neither have his club. Why mention them then?

    His agent is clearly fishing for business. Problem for him is, nobody's biting.

  5. As Bobby said… its games manship by his agent to "try" to force our hand into offering his player a better deal.

    Doog – Jesus sort yourself out! its not a case of "dicking about over a few quid" its not easy trying to buy a player that has 3 owners! Inter and 1 of his 3rd part owners want to sell him, the other 3rd party owner wants to keep him where he is until after the World Cup in 2014 as he believes Damiao's value will shoot up meaning he will make more money from his transfer. This isn't FIFA or Football Manager where you bid for him and they accept it! all 3 parties have to accept the deal and sell there share of him – this is why 3rd party ownership in Europe is banned.

  6. Not sure I'd want this guy at Spurs. If he had one good season, his agent would start marketing him all over the shop.

  7. superspurs – We were close to a deal in January but the deal broke down at the last minute due to Inter wanting to keep him til the end of the season, or at least that was what was said in the press. This must mean most of the negotiations were satisfactorily negotiated, don't you agree? My frustration is because now is the time to sort this out, whether it's Damiao or someone else. We need to keep the momentum we've built under AVB and if that means paying a bit more than we could, I'd say get it done. BTW, I've never played FIFA or Football manager, just been a Spurs fan for 40 years and know the signs of disappointment.

    • Its not that simple, we were never close in January… you dont believe the press do you? you think we would have bid for a player based in Brazil with a few hours to go in a transfer window with no way at all of OUR medical team giving the player a full blown medical? The deal broke down, like it is faltering now, because one of his 2 3rd party owners does not want to sell at the moment, Inter and the other 3rd party are happy to cash in but until all 3rd party ownership is settled we can not get him here. It should be settled in the coming weeks and he will be a Spurs player before season starts – UNLESS we get Hulk then Damiao will not come in.

      Levy is very good at what he does and unlike other teams we do not operate outside our means and we have to trust him, he may get things wrong time to time but he has the best interest of the club at heart

      Also trouble in signing Damiao is he's an unknown in the Premiership and all the fans on forums banging the drum to sign him will more than likely be the same ones jeering him if he fails to score week in week out – not even Brazilian has set the Premiership alight *Cough* Jo *Cough" so its still a massive gamble on spending the best part of £20 million on him IMHO

      Dont get me wrong i completely agree we need to do 99% of our business before Pre Season starts to get then newbies settled and playing our way and only dip in on deadline day for that last minute bargain squad player thats too good to miss out on.

      P.S on the plus side Gallas has finally gone!! that and the lovely sunny weather on a Friday afternoon is a great reason to be happy

      • In a word "NO", I don't trust the press but without ITK it's pretty hard to guess what is exactly going on. The medical thing was something I'd forgotten, and that makes perfect sense. Also I agree "Jo" is a perfect example of how Brazilian players, mainly strikers, don't work out (even Robihno at city didn't cover himself in glory). But, players like Sandro show Brazilians aren't always money grabbing lazy players who only look to earn the dollar. I was impressed with Damaio when I saw him play at the olympics and looked like a guy who could lead the line for us. We simply can't afford £30m players, not because of the actual cost but because we can't pay them £30m players wages, so to a certain extent we have to take gambles here and there.

        Anyway, as you said…….Bentley gone (what a waste of money that was) and Gallas has to go too, so not all doom and gloom and sets up perfectly for a sunny friday and a trip the pub!

      • I keep reading about the medical being proof that we weren't on the verge of signing Leandro in January but surely a medical could have been performed in Brasil? This 3rd party ownership thing sounds more like Moutinho to me.


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