Disappointing quotes from Danny Rose


Danny Rose has slated former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp or not giving him a chance to “compete fairly” for the left back position.

Rose’s comments have angered some Spurs fans who feel that Rose should just pipe down and learn to defend instead of demanding a place in the team. His performance against Espanyol on Saturday evening, he should really focus on knuckling down.

The England Under-21 international, who spent last season on loan at Sunderland has also threatened to quit White Hart Lane if he fails to hold down a regular first-team slot under AVB this season. Benoit Assou-Ekotto has not played in pre-season with concerns over his fitness.

“This is the most I’ve played in pre-season,” he told the press.

“It’s nice to have a manager who gives you a chance and is not afraid to drop certain players.”

“Obviously I know Spurs have been in the top four or five clubs for the last five seasons or so, so I know it’s hard for anyone to break through, but at the same time it is frustrating and it’s great that now the gaffer is not afraid to drop people if you’re not performing or training hard enough.

“I enjoyed every minute at Sunderland. It’s a club that I’d love to go and play for again because they’re the only team at this minute which has given me a chance to play week in week out.

“I enjoyed every minute of it and now I’ve experienced it, coming here and sitting on the bench is not something I’d be looking to do.

“I love this club, but if I don’t play regularly then I’m not going to be happy, just like everyone else wouldn’t be happy.

“I wouldn’t be going on loan again. If I wasn’t playing then a loan’s not an option for me now. I want to get settled somewhere, playing week in week out.”

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  1. i agree with bits of what hes saying alothough he should just keep quiet a concentrate on playing. O'Hara was the last youngster to go on loan and come back deciding he was too good to sit on our bench, he then got his dream move to a prem team to play week in week out, im pretty sure his team were relegated to league 1 last season…

  2. Having watched his performance, or lack of, I think Rose needs to take a reality check.

    You get in the team because you are the best available player for the position. Rose is not. BAE is better in every way and so is Vertonghen, should AVB choose to play him there. I am certainly no great fan of Harry Redknapp, but he realised that Rose was not the completed article which was why he was shipped out on loan.

    If there is any truth to these quotes from Rose, maybe he should go off and find another team rather than trying to hold a gun to AVB's head

  3. Why are you disappointed?
    A young player who puts effort and application into training and playing, and wants to play regularly, compliments the current coach for encouraging this, and contrasts him with the former manager who played his favourites, whether they put in any effort or could be bothered or not. The current coach clearly doesn't do this, but plays players on his estimation of their merit.
    This seems very positive to me.

  4. please sell this idiot. no humility and doesnt recognise the fact he has to improve defensively. With comments like that he is just showing his age

  5. Disappointing quotes? I'd say he's simply being honest and if anything positive about AVB's willingness to pick the team according to how hard they work in training and not according to a players popularity or prestige.

  6. The reason that Rose wasn't selected was because he was the 3rd best left back in the club. He went off to Sunderland in the hope that he would learn his trade in a team who were always likely to have long spells under defensive pressure and he did OK. That said he has come back and show that he has learned very little – he was probably our worst performer in Saturdays Espanyol game, being shown as suspect in too many ways. I cannot believe that AVB will slect him any more often than Harry – demonstrated by his keen ness to sign Contraeo. Advice Danny, shut up and knuckle down, and be realistix about your skill and opportunities

  7. Rose was competing for the left wing spot with Bale initially, and based on form, he was rightly not in the first team. It was Harry who moved him to the left-back spot to get a chance, and then approved his loan to Sunderland to develop his game further, which proved a success. But his pre-season games for us against Sunderland, Monaco, and Espanyol really weren't good enough. He should concentrate on developing his game, instead of resorting to slating fellow colleagues or ex-boss, and sucking up AVB. You have a long way to go, son.

  8. We ALL knew Redknapp had his favourites, and as a result failed to rotate the team effectively. Hence the reason quality players such as Kranjcar and Pienaar both felt they had to move on in order to get a reasonable amount of mins. Rose is just saying what MOST of us already knew!!!

  9. I don't think he's too out of line. What has he said ? He's training hard and wants to play ? Shock horror ! BAE isn't that great and if Rose develops he might make it. I don't have a problem with playing him – at least he looks more alert than the permanently lackadaisical Ekotto. He did well at Sunderland last year, so he knows he's good enough to play Premiership football. He's basically said that if he doesn't make it at Spurs he'll go elsewhere, well I don't see why that's unreasonable, I'd rather have that than someone prepared to just sit on the bench taking a pay cheque every week.

  10. Some of you seem to be missing the real point here which is that Redknapp did have his favourites and didnt make full use of his squad, especially in his last season, resulting in too many of them being tired and squad players like Krancjar waddling around as he wasnt match fit. Rose isnt the finished article, but we need people challenging for places and Vertonghen needs to be at CB in my opinion. I'm seeing a bit of love for BAE but he made some hideous errors last season and needs a rival / replacement for other matches and there were plenty slagging him off them too. Rose just wants to play and this year we will see if he is good enough. If he's not, he'll soon be gone.

  11. I think many of these replies are missing the point; I actually think Rose is 100% correct. He is not saying he is better than BAE or anyone else, he's simply indirectly stating that Harry had a first XI in his head and if that first XI was fit, that first XI played despite whether they were on form or not. Friedel, Walker, BAE, King, Kaboul, Parker, Modric, Bale, VDV, Lennon, Adebayor. Yes that was our best XI but Pienaar, Kranjcar and a whole host of other squad players got miffed and left. What AVB does is play his first XI but if a player comes in and does well, that player keeps his spot. He did it with Friedel and made Lloris back up, he did it with Huddlestone at the end of the year who came in and retained his spot, he did it with Dawson all season after openly wanting to sell him. What this does is give the squad hope, it shows that if you get your opportunity and play well you will stay in the team and get your chance. That's all a lot of young players want to feel motivated.

    I fully agree with Rose on this. I liked Harry but this part of his management always disappointed me and I rate AVB for the way he runs things.

  12. Everyone seems to have a downer on Rose, but I think he's had an impressive pre- season. Theres still work to be done, and to be very most of the team still look a bit ring rusty, but I'd put him nearly up with BAE but at a much younger age. Rose is very much about power and pace on the ball, where Assou Ekotto is very mch finess and control (he very seldom loses possession, but in all honesty both are relatively weak in the defensive department, as is Coentrao, who in my opinion is just a dirtier, less intelligent version of BAE. I'd happily start the season with Rose and Assou Ekotto choices for left back, with Vertonghen an extra tactical option. It is understandable that Rose is frustrated as he could fit straight into about 13 or 14 prem teams starting line ups and he would surely be expecting to get some games, it must also have been frustrating for him to watch Naughton starting at left back in BAEs absence last season with Rose out on loan…I rate Rose and want to keep him…

  13. He looks like good cover got pace and attack minded but Benny's better there looks like a few to many mistakes in him .He seems to make too much hard work of everything. positioning problems,
    If Real owe us still really owe us for Modric we gotta use that for Coentrao.

  14. Yes, he was scarcely "the cat's whiskers" vs Espanyo and should shut up.
    If he plays well enough he will be selected and so far I have seen nothing
    from him better than BAE.
    We have plenty of attacking LBs we just need one who can actually lock
    up most right wingers and he has NOT done that. He rarely takes the ball
    from the opposing player, does not really hinder his progress and is drawn
    out of position too easily. OK he isn't perfect but then he isn't 12 any more
    and that mouth gives us the right to expect a decent LB whose primary job
    is…defending. Sorry about that.

  15. Rose will not line up at LB v Crystal Palace. Sell him to whoever wants him. Pompous little prat who couldn't tie my shoe laces. Can't cross, can't tackle has the positional sense of a drunken monkey…. Little boy you are going to be so piss+d off when you start on the bench against Crystal Palace, you'll be on the phone to Paolo "Please can I come play for you as these guys are picking on me"!

  16. AVB is clearly pulling the squad together and giving all the opportunity to get in the starting eleven. For me Benny over Rose is a no brainer. I also understand a little where he is coming from as is does quite possibly works his nuts off in training where Benny is a little more chilled.
    Every manager whatever team or standard you play at will have certain players nailed on for a starting berth because they are trusted even when playing below par.
    AVB will work the squad more and merit will dictate who plays in the big games so it is a a case of just knuckling down and being proud of being involved with one of the top teams in the land.

  17. Rose is saying what we all know. Arry did not know how to or was simply not ready to rotate. I agree however that his comments are out of place, being good enough for Sunderland’s starting XI does not equate to being good enough for Spurs starting XI, be needs to concentrate on improving himself rather than fooling himself.

  18. Praying we can get contraeo in rose is inept rather have naughton playing and i think hes shite and bae i love him but he plays asif hes being smoking weed before every game just too chill and makes uneeded mistakes even when he is technically good and defensively sound but contraeo is immense get him for 15 mil i would laugh l

  19. if only Danny Rose had some height. for a defender this is important. the ball always seems to be bouncing ahead of him and going over his head.

  20. I think Rose was a bit upset when Harry played Modric at left back ('he can do a job for me there'). Harry did tend to play his favourite eleven and consequently banged square pegs into round holes.
    I seem to remember BAE making similar comments about Naughton at the beginning of last season so can sense a popularity battle going on for LB position.

  21. Nothing to worry about with Rose's comments…he speaks positively of the current set up. It seems you are aggrieved he had a slight dig at Redknapp. His comments are not degrading of Redknapp or showing he is immature; they simply state the difference between the two managers and how he prefers the current one, AVB. It seems every spurs player has nothing but praise for AVB. This is a huge positive.


  23. Harry's lack of rotation cost us big time, I was quite sad at the lack of game time Kranjcar and Pienaar were given. Both players had something to offer. It will be interesting to see what Rose does if AVB signs a competent left back. Benny was dopey at times but young Danny is no way better than him at this moment in time.


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