Do we need our Welsh Messiah?


As Real Madrid and their propaganda mouthpiece Marca continue to wear down on our sanity and Daniel Levy by publicly vying for the signature of our mercurial wing wizard Gareth Bale. We look to whether Levy giving in or whether staying stubborn would be the better option. To decide if selling Gareth Bale would be a more viable choice than keeping him.

Pros of Bale staying:

• The magic moments which exhilarate every Spurs fan and possibly every football fan (apart from the fans whose team which has just conceded a last minute winner). He turns crucial results in our favour and being able to play badly and still win.

• We would have one of the top 3 players in the world on our team which frightens other teams and adds a lot of revenue in brand and shirt sales. E.g. FIFA 14 our first ever player on the cover, BT potential shirt sponsors….

• He is the lynchpin of the side and a complete change of plan would be needed while half of pre-season is already over. We have just settled with AVB and his master plan would come into effect with this season. However, another season of evolution will be needed to settle the squad if the transfer does take place and this could lead to another lacklustre start. In having him stay we would be settled having the rare occurrence of getting all our business done before the first fixture of the season.

• There is no Champions League this season for Spurs and we may not be able to attract as high a quality of player as we would like. Just look at Liverpool, they have a lot of cash to burn and have missed out on a lot of players as they don’t want to move to a non-Champions League side which are moving backwards every season.

• We would have to sell a lot of players to rebuild as even now our squad of 28 is too big.

• Perhaps if he stays another year and we attain Champions League football or better and still wants to leave we could attract a higher calibre of player e.g. Reus, Lewandowski, Kroos, Mata, and get the same or better money for him.

Pros of Bale leaving:

• Real Madrid are desperate to sign him due to pressure from fans and a disastrous season previously. We may never be offered as much for him again due to their need being less immediate and poor form or injury lessening his value.

• We won’t have to rely on Bale and will have a more balanced side for goals and flair.

• AVB can choose whatever players he likes for whatever price if they want to come.

• We would get a world record fee and get in the history books while getting a lot to re-invest and able to rival the big guns for a while monetarily.

• We may end up with a stronger squad with more flair and less desperation while these incredible moments may be made more common from a wider range of players if we invest the money correctly.

• Bale may perform badly or refuse to play and act up much like our sublime traitorous playmaker from the Balkans, however out of character that may be.

• However none of this would matter if we end up with a weaker squad.

So which of these do you think is better:

Best Spurs XI with Bale


Possible best Spurs XI without Bale


I had my mind made up before this that selling Bale was a catastrophic idea and if we didn’t give in we could challenge for a title. If something similar to the formation above does replace him I could be wrong as the strength of this side is also pretty fearsome. However the monetary and emotional factors weigh in too as Bale is a once in a generation player. Plus do we really want 6/11 foreign players with zero premier league experience to replace the loveable lad from Cardiff, who has undergone an unbelievable metamorphosis within the hallowed walls of White Hart Lane.

He was worth £3 million to us and we nearly accepted a bid for him from Nottingham Forest in 2009 He is now worth £85 million pounds this summer at the very least and at one point unless we begin to challenge for the Champions league in the next 3 years he will leave. I just don’t think this is the time as he is a pure force of nature and is the poster boy of British football and the Premier League. Once he’s gone our bargaining power is extremely weak regarding other players. However I think that either eventuality will end in an incredible line up for the seasons to come especially with the German U21 captain, a Belgian wonderkid and super Tommy Carroll to look forward to blossoming into this quality side. It’s which answer to this conundrum which would give the most satisfaction and success immediately and in the future. I would love to see him stay especially as prize money and TV money could allow us to invest in some of those players mentioned or even better in the future.

Let me know your views in the comment box below.

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  1. It's a win win situation in my opinion, but for the good of the premier league, and welsh football, it would be so much better
    if he stayed, I want good players to stay in our league, and our team. Suarez is possibly leaving the leauge, aswell as rooney, all of our talented people players that make it exciting could go


  3. All these super rich clubs are living on a knife edge. If any owners pulled out for some reason there would be chaos, and it will happen!
    Spurs are doing very nicely just outside this group so we don't need the money Bale would bring.
    What happened when we lost key platers before- it took years to recover!
    As a Spurs supporter for 70yrs I am proud that Bale is in our team and I pray he is level headed enough to see what has happened to Berbatov, Modric and the like. No amount of cash can replace him Gerard-York

  4. Beautiful Mind! I can't stop doing the maths!

    Sell one of the best players in the world = 85 million£

    Bring in, additional to, Soldado, 2-3 decent (non CL quality) players, pay them 150-200,000 per week!

    Realistically, we only need one other, 70-80,000 a week decent (15-18 goals) per season front man!

    The pending sales of Ady, Parker, Huddlestone, Townsend and Possibly Dempsey. Would fund this

    Give Bale 200.000£ per week instead of spending it on 3 decent players, that we don't need?

    For this we extend his current contract by another 12 months, to 4 years. Put in a 60 million buy out clause
    commencing the Summer of 2015, when he is 26/27 (in his prime) if RM still want him (likely) should he
    continue to improve, then he can then go!

    In the meantime, Bale and his agent have not lost out financially! We with GB plus the team around him
    have qualified for CL Football two seasons on the bounce! Seriously challenged for The EPL Title!
    And who knows, just maybe, nicked it!

    This would have to be worth, with a high profile player, at least 150 million plus, in revenue!

    CL quality players added, and the preparation of Bale's exit!

    I believe if we sell now, it could well undo, all the good work and progress we have seen over the past
    3-4 years!

  5. AVB will never get near most of the money they get for bale, get real! levy will bank most of it, can't really blame bale, Tottenham & levy have no ambition. Had they backed the manager in January we would be playing in the cl this season only themselves to blame

  6. Bale wouldn't be a bale replacement he would add another attacking dimension in a similar way to David silva except Argentinian and with better physical attributes. Angel Di Maria would be the bale replacement as a pacy winger who scored 15 goals last season


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