The FA and THFC…


Some of the basic rules of the game are confusing for players, fans and even referees.

Away fans stand throughout the whole match at almost every game.

Some teams charge well over £1,000 for season tickets and over £100 per ticket per match whilst European top teams are not even half the price.

The national team appear to be going from bad to worse.

Even the top Premier League teams failed to sign the World’s best players throughout the Summer with Falcao, Cavani and many more choosing to ply their trade abroad rather than in England.

How can players be sponsored by manufacturers abroad but not in England and if they are, the difference appears to be huge.

The game lacks coaches and referees at grass roots, not to mention enough facilities including floodlit 11 a-side pitches.

Top teams are struggling to push through their redevelopment programmes with new stadia, etc but what do the FA do, stick their noses into a very sensitive and political issue with what songs we can or cannot sing.

I’m not here to bemoan the rights and wrongs, this has been done many times and my view doesn’t really count.

My question to you the THFC fans is this: If you could get the FA to push through ONE issue, from now to the end and see it come implemented within the next two years, what would it be? What is the ONE thing that you feel the FA could do to improve our game in England…

Feel free to add what you would like to see on a longer term as well.

Your views, as always, would be much appreciated…


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