VIDEO: AVB – Bale is not for sale


Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has once again blasted rumours linking Gareth Bale with a move to Real Madrid.

The Spurs boss once again stated that Bale is not for sale while also criticising Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti’s decision to go public in their declaration of interest in the Welshman.

You have to credit AVB for coming out and stating that a Bale exit is not true and for reiterating his stance that he wants him to remain at White Hart Lane.

He told a press conference following our 5-2 defeat to Monaco: “I think the rumours that anything is imminent is not true. Obviously we’ve allowed ourselves conversations with Real Madrid, confirmed by their coach, I think wrongly. The only thing we’ve communicated (to Real Madrid) is that the player is our player and is not for sale.”

“Bearing in mind the investment you have seen from Tottenham recently, the player is a player that is decisive for us. We are building a very, very strong team and we are looking towards the future with Gareth. In football anything is possible, but what we’ve communicated so far is we’re not willing to concede to their interest in the player.”

“In my opinion I think so (that it was wrong). It’s not a criticism because Carlo is a person I respect a lot and we have good respect for each other, but bearing in mind this situation they’ve decided to make it public. Normally in situations like this they are scrutinised by the FA with lots of care and attention. We’ve seen lots of people speaking about a player that is not theirs.”

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  1. funny how all comments regarding a move to spain have come from "close sources" & the british media have jumped on the bandwagon, however the only comment that has been actually heard & printed from anyone actually involved with the club has said that the player is not for sale… still though we get media believing the move is on … what's wrong with these guys… i have a funny feeling that there are going to be some proper mugs out there in media world in a few weeks time.

  2. Thank God we don't still have Harry in charge to handle this.
    He would sell Bale for £60m and use the money on 15 totally random players.

  3. To add to Ped's comment, isn't it about time the British media actually got behind British clubs. Instead of stirring up false rumours. The way they act anyone would think they want all our best players to go abroad!! Still then that would give them an excuse to slate how bad the PL has become, and that there are no decent British players plying their trade in the PL anymore.

    The British press are a joke. And deserve nothing better than to be treated as such.

  4. British media is riddled with bias, mostly against London teams, with a few exceptions, therefore anything that can weaken a London team or a team trying and getting close to challenging for a top four place that isn't well supported by people in the media will always be ridiculed or belittled at any opportunity.
    Today on Sky one of the sports news commentators remarked that after the 5-2 defeat Spurs could have done with Stephen Caulker.
    The British media is lazy and because of the electronic media they will jump on any rumour or innuendo that they feel will save them from the bother of actually working their own sources to find something with truth behind it.

  5. I really love Gareth and I would very much like to see him in a Spurs shirt next season, but if his sale means us bringing the likes of Morata (as part of the deal), Lamela, Eriksen, Coentrao and a central defender (Chiriches? Alderweireld?) i would agree to sell him. Besides, if he wants to go then there’s no point of keeping him at the club against his will. COYS!

  6. I think it's time to get firm with Bale,he's under contract and not for sale simple as,piss off Madrid ,and Bale stop sulking

  7. Bale will be sold, it is just a question of for how much and when. AVB is either kidding himself or simply not aware of what is going on behind his back. Is Bale injured? I doubt it, Tottenham cannot afford the risk of him playing and losing out on a world record fee. This is simply Levy trying to get the highest amount possible. What is just as much of a concern is letting Caulker go when we have no fit centre backs. Kaboul has not played for a year and there is no sign of him in pre-season. AVB does not learn from his errors, he would have let Dawson go to QPR quite happily last season. Had that happened they would probably still be in the Premier League and we would have struggled to finish in the top six.


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